Many young women may not only want to read this story but need to read it as a way to discuss an often overlooked aspect of teenage dating life. —The Book. Sarah Dessen is the author of thirteen novels, which include the New York Times bestsellers The Moon and More, What Happened to Goodbye, Along for the. Editorial Reviews. Review. Strange, sleepy Rogerson, with his long brown dreads : Dreamland eBook: Sarah Dessen: Kindle Store.

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The story is a good, but sad book. It hurt me to watch Caitlin suffer, for the dteamland of love. Frantic, worried about what-would-rogerson-think. Okay, you child, check your uniform, what the heck are you?

If the word does exist, that’s this book in a nutshell. It dealt with violence and abuse and I had a difficult time reading it.

We will also be hosting a give We see Caitlin throw a little pity party for herself and get sucked down into a whirlpool of bad decisions, but we never see a psychological impact with fully formed reasoning. Open Preview See a Problem?

Dreamland – Sarah Dessen

WE knew it and they knew it. This leaves a hole in Caitlin where a boy named Rogerson Biscoe his name even sounds douchey steps in. Though that isn’t true, you always have a choice. She is so confused and doesn’t know what to do with herself. He deals drugs, bosses Caitlin around, and completely monopolizes her life. I did not need a reminder twice every friggin’ chapter that love-interest boy has dreadlocks. Dessen shows the attraction such a boy possesses, while also conveying a definite message.


And I was just wondering again and again what Caitlin saw in Rogerson.

It really shows how someone abused can feel trapped, and not want to leave because they love the abuser, and often the abuser has a second side, who is sweet, smart, and loveable. October 23, Publisher: Yet shame, fear, and assumed guilt keeps many in conspiracy of silence about this widespread but invisible anguish. Desseb Dessen’s Dreamland is saarh unrelentingly dreamlanc story of a girl struggling to find her own identity.

She starts getting involved in activities and even meets someone new. All the things he did were so wrong and it bothered me so much. Dessen does a saeah job of showing Caitlins steady downward spiral, even her written “voice” changes. But I longed for a little more backstory on Rogerson whose family and issues kinda got dropped by the wayside after a time, despite his cycle of abuse against Caitlyn. She feels it, then falls to the ground, and someone from the bottom of the pyramid, runs out from under everyone to catch her.

By knowing the characters with more details and revealing many different sides of them, everything in the story just seems to be more vivid, more rich. In her continuing search dreamlnd be her own person and do things Cass never did, Caitlin begins dating a bad boy. Her mother becomes a barely functioning person at first, and her father is in denial after her sister runs away. This article does not cite any sources. She comes in because of drug addiction, and after all Rogerson did to her, she still loved Rogerson.


In Sarah’s Words

But the fact was that I loved Rogerson. But because Sarah Dessen was writing about it, I figured I would not be reading it eventually. Sarah Dessen definitely blew me away with this one. The portrayal of their relationship is realistic and utterly horrifying.

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen – Reading Guide – : Books

In this case, however, the older sister isn’t dead, merely gone, run away to who knows where. She was having a tough time and wasn’t happy with her parents’ plans for college, which desxen her sudden departure.

Caitlin is use to living in her older sisters shadow, but dessn family is stunned to find that her sister has run off with her boyfriend. I felt for Caitlin. Caitlin soon begins to be abused by Rogerson when she does not tell Rogerson where she is, and when she is seen talking to other boys.

Otherwise, this was a beautifully written novel with fully developed characters and passionate prose and a flowing dwssen that kept me on my toes. Already have an account? Also, I had a really hard time accepting that her family, her neighbors, and Rina all failed to notice her downward spiral.

A kind of love that is barely worthy of the name. An extended metaphor that brings the book home to a satisfying conclusion is drawn from T.