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This period is called relative refractory electronifs. How the leads taken in bipolar limb leads? Give the uses of blood flow meters. The image can be obtained after developing the film and examination cannot be made before developing the film.

Internal spoon shaped electrodes and external paddle shaped electrodes are used for defibrillation. A record bznk corneal- retinal potentials associated with eye movements is called electrooculogram. Electrodes are devices which are employed to pick up the electrical signals of the body. When a cell membrane moves molecules or ions uphill against a concentration gradient, then the process is known as active transport.

How is it useful in the hospital? E Civil 5th Semester Question For what purpose line driving amplifier is used? It arises as the ventricles relax and the internal pressure drops below the pressure in the atrium. What is the use of biphasic D. Artifacts, wandering of base line, solid base line, frequency response.

Environmental science and engineering Questions B The body organs could be visualized in X-ray by using the principle of energy absorption. Name three methods to obtain the direct measurement of blood pressure. Thus a extinguished or damped EEG over a certain part of cortex can thus be due to brain tumor.


The patient dose is very high. Electrocardiography ECG deals with the study of electrical activity of heart muscles.

EC2021 Medical Electronics MJ2014 Question Paper

The online recorders are directly connected with the input. The qustion of heart at which the necessary synchronism is lost is known as fibrillation. Physics Major Paper Flame photometer is used to analyze urine or blood in order to determine the concentration of potassium Ksodium Nacalcium Caand lithium Li. Define total lung capacity. But in vectrocardiography, the cardiac vector is displayed along with its magnitude and spatial orentaion.

EC Medical Electronics Question Bank – Sreedhar Edition

Acoustic events of the heart can be divided into two categories as heart sounds and murmurs. Question paper is give Also discuss about its merits and demerits compared to other types of pacemakers. How it is related with blood? List the parts of the brain. The fibres may then respond to normal physicological pace making pulses.

EC Medical Electronics MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

State the principle by which body organs could be visualized by radioisotope method. When the cell is questkon resting state, then it is said to be polarized. Among these four systems, the first three are widely used. Draw the waveforms generated in a medical stimulator. Heart sounds are classified into four group on the basis of their mechanism of origin.



The dry outer skin of the body is highly non-conductive, and will not establish a good electrical contact with an electrode. Colorimeters can be in the filter photometer or spectrophotometer. List the factors to be considered for designing medical instrument.

Artificial respiration should be applied to the patient, whenever respiration is suspended due to reasons like gas poisoning, electric shock etc. This in turn results in the qjestion of action potential that is transmitted down the optic nerve. What are the precautions to be followed during application?

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It is used to correct the bbank effectively. What are the types of fibrillation? At the top of the skeleton cranium skull is placed. Give any two medical applications of the same. State the merits and demerits of this pacemaker.

The tumor displaces, the cortex, and if it is large enough, the electrical activity will be absent in that part of hemisphere, since no electric potentials originate in the tumor itself.