This manual is for HVRM-HDH. Before product installation and operation, please become thoroughly familiar with this user manual and other manuals. This manual is for HVRM-TQ, HVRM-TQ, HVRM-TM, HVRM- TM, HVRM-. TM. Before product installation and operation, please become. Before installation or operation please become familiar with the user manual . Contents of the manual can differ according to firmware or Software upgrade.

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No part of the contents of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission of the Edvg Electronics Corporation.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference. No user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.

Rdvr equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, The changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate Do not operate the appliance beyond its specified temperature, humidity or power source ratings. Do not use the appliance in an extreme environment where high temperature or high humidity exists.

Safety Precautions Read Instruction All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the unit is operated. Retain Instructions The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future edvg. Heed Warnings All warnings on the unit and in the operating instructions should be adhered to. Manua Instructions All operating and use instructions should be followed.

Product Overview The latest EverFocus digital video recorder generation is based on MPEG-4 compression technology, resulting in enhanced recording capacity and improved network image transmission speed with high image quality.

Comprehensive features and extended event recording settings enable the almost universal application of this DVR series. D DVD series has one built-in 3. Yes, 2 x USB2. This connector is used for the main monitor display, a number of different display modes may be selected for viewing. This monitor can only display a full screen, but not able to enter Setup Menu.

The status information of the cameras or machine will show up, and be located at different places on the screen. Sequence is invalid when the multiscreen display can show all the msnual. Current Date Record Status Current date Installation The installations described below should be done by qualified service personnel or system installers. Please check accessories in the packing before the Please refer to the following diagrams for the system connections.


Monitor and Camera must be purchased separately. Power Connect the power source or adapter into the power socket. Cameras Ervr each cameras video output to the video input on the digital video recorder shown in diagram 2. At least one camera CH 1 must be connected before the system is running for the auto detection of video standard to take effect. Once you have completed the basic wiring installation and the hard disk drive installation you are ready to turn on the DVR.


Simply plug the power source you installed manhal. The next step is to set up the menu To begin this process, press the MENU key. Once inside the main menu you will find there are 12 setup option pages as follows.

However, the image is recorded, and can be played back by user who has playback right.

The covert channels will not show up on the sequence mode. Since the compression ratio of MPEG4 fully depends on the variation and complexity of the recorded video, the table above is for your reference only. The maximum image rate is limited to: DVR recording rate depends on recording resolution The table is for checking camera overall statuses only, not for setting. This menu is for setting up the options for recording.

We define recording as something on which sound or visual images have been recorded. Audio will be recorded when machine is recording. Stop recording when disk is full. If you do not wish to use this manua, please set it OFF. The default value is ON. The Default from the factory is set to on. You can set the camera which corresponds to the place where the alarm is located.

Display on a main monitor when an alarm occurs. No change on the display in the main monitor when an alarm occurs. A full screen of the active camera will display when an alarm occurs. The default value is Disable. These tables are for checking alarm overall statuses, but not for setting. The default value is 5 seconds. Please refer to the Networking Chapters CH. In the Network Setting Menu the following fields are defined as follows: A static IP address is an IP address whose value mamual not change.

It is suggested to use a static IP address. If your Internet provider does not offer a ecvr IP address you have the option to use a dynamic IP address.

DVR and evdr PC.

American Dynamics EDVR Manuals

If you wish to have multiple users log into the DVR please open a range of ports on your router. For example if you use the default port you would open ports on your router. Allows the user to view live video, perform a search, playback and control the PTZ camera if one is connected 2. TEST Domain name ethin. USER User name of the account.


FQDN The domain name of this account. This domain name is only an example, the DDNS account that user applies may differ from this example. If you wish to create a daily timer for every day of the week you may choose the DLY option. This field is used to set the time you wish to start the timer recording.

This menu is for viewing Disk information and formatting the disks. For every configuration change or initial setup we recommend formatting the Hard Disk. This field is to set the stop bit for the RS connection. There are two different stop bits, 1 or 2. The default in the DVR is set to 1. To enable network alarm.

To disable network alarm. Send an email when the fan does not work.

EverFocus EDVR SERIES Instruction Manual

Mnaual not send an email when the fan does not work. Send an email when no HDD has been found. Will not send an email when no HDD has been edrv. Jog Dial on the DVR. Turn the jog to enter the selection window, there are 4 options available: Turn the jog to enter the selection window. Select YES to enable the password function. Select NO to disable the password function.

The different login passwords indicate the different level of users, and no login name is necessary. The above table will be updated if there is any change. Event recording would consist of an alarm or motion having taken place to trigger the DVR to record on that event. If STOP key is pressed while machine is recording or playing video, the playing function will be disabled first.

An event recording must be set in a scheduled time period Manuall. When the record input signal is pulled low constantly, DVR will start to record. The system will stop recording when the record input signal is not pulled low. You are now ready to begin setting up the DVR for playback. This chapter will show you how to setup the recorder for basic playback.

Turn the Shuttle dial clockwise, to begin fast forward playback. PLAY The speed will be shown on the devr bar of the bottom screen. Turn the Jog dial counterclockwise to rewind the eevr video image by image. The field feed speed will increase if the Jog dial is turned quickly.

Press MENU to exit. The event types and number show on the second column of the search list.