Clarity’s team of expert developers has successfully completed numerous CMS- eCommerce integrations. If you think an Ektron eCommerce integration may be. Ektron Ecommerce. At Ameex, we help businesses extend the functionality of Ektron to better sell their products online. We have the skills and real-world. Download a list of all websites using Ektron Ecommerce.

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Control over your product catalog extends to cross-sell and upsell features. Websites that have used Ektron Ecommerce long term Websites that have used Ektron Ecommerce for at ecommfrce a few months. However, there are no tax rates defined in these tables. Classify products in multiple ways—taxonomies help customers find what they are looking for by associating them with multiple categories.

How long does it take to enable my upgrade?

Connect with external providers to use real-time rates for shipping, or use your own rates by ecommercce up an internal shipping provider. Sign Up for the Basic Plan, get the report you want then cancel your account. There’s not a better tool to gain a competitive edge. Postal, Regional, then Country. Your site administrators can always see which baskets are open. Product Types Step 15b. If English, the units are inches and pounds. A taxonomy lets your site visitors navigate content independent of the folder structure.

Online inventory is kept up to date; you can set properties so that when items on hand drop below a certain level, it triggers a sequence to notify your inventory control. Content management system integration can be the key to growing your eCommerce business. Ekktron the information as needed. Navigate to a catalog folder. Ektroon can display the checkout process on a single page or distribute it across multiple pages.


Company Names Valid corporate entity names for websites where they’ve provided the information e,tron their website. With your online commerce being powered by the same content management system running your overall Web site, you will have complete control of your online marketing and sales strategy at your fingertips.

Add and select shipping methods in the Workarea.

Websites using Ektron Ecommerce

Can I export the reports? These items appear in the Recommendation server control when it is associated with this catalog entry. How do I get a one-off report? Make sure this page has one of the following: Similar to creating a Content Folder.

Steps Description Step 1.

Trying a Sample eCommerce Site

Also, payment gateways such as Payflow and Authorize. Using eSync with eCommerce. For licensing information, contact sales ektron. Once you have ecommegce Smart Form complete, click the Save button.

Adding images of products auto-generates thumbnails and gives you complete control over sizes and number of images, as well as a clickthrough image gallery.

Fill out the fields in the Smart Form as necessary.

Introduction to ektorn Ektron eCommerce Platform. This page allows ektrkn visitors to search for products on your Web site. Open topic with navigation. Add or edit messages in the Workarea. ProductSearch server control – this control provides the means for site visitors to search your Web site for products. Enhance product SEO in the Smart Form by setting attributes, adding metadata, and including photos and other media.


Defining Shipping Providers Step 5. This control displays currencies that have been enabled ekrton the Workarea during Step 7. We’re not exaggerating when we say it’s eektron the way we do business here. Yes, the minimum term is 1 month for monthly plans and 1 year for yearly plans. This template could contain any of the following: Once you have a shipping provider set up see Set up a shipping provider. Ektron also supports payment gateways such as Payflow and Authorize. Catalogs are created in the Workarea.

Payment options are flexible with eCommerce too: Ektron CMS is ideally-suited to enterprise-level businesses, particularly those with international needs. If you only want site visitors logging in through this control, set the OnlyAllowMemberLogin property to True.

NET folder designed to hold eCommerce entries products. Enhance product SEO ecomemrce the Smart Form by setting attributes, adding metadata, and including photos and other media.

For global business opportunities, all international currencies are available. Next, select a Tax Class. A catalog folder is a Ektron CMS Or, create your own payment gateway one that allows terms or any other payment option.