El hombre duplicado / The Double (Spanish Edition) [Jose Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Una novela que se lee con la . El hombre duplicado (Jose Saramago Works) (Spanish Edition) [José Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Saramago tells the. El Hombre Duplicado [José Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Innovando frente a las convenciones de la novela, Saramago.

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You might even end up falling in love with this hallmark of his writing repertoire and rare acumen of weaving intricate tapestries out of characters who do not lead extraordinary lives and always seem within reach, yet their predicaments and travails are downright existential.

The Double (Saramago novel) – Wikipedia

After obsessively viewing dozens of other movies by the same production company, he gets results duplciado discovering his name. In the morning, she makes him breakfast hpmbre he reads the paper without ever suspecting that he is not her husband.

Many of his paragraphs extend for pages without pausing for dialog, which Mr. I will loudly and proudly shout to the line behind me at the book store that I cannot wait to read about a magical mountain range.

The Guardian said Saramago did not push the concept of the double far enough, noting that every culture plays with this idea.

A foundation with his name was established in ; its main aims are cultural promotion, particularly of Portuguese literature and authors.

Her kitap insana birseyler katar ancak bu gibi kitaplar ancak tamamini okuyup bitirince bir anlam kazaniyor. However, I think that there is where the beauty of reading is. hombrre


The Movie – Ebemy. But is this a contribution to our literary canon? Hani hic sevmem boyle soylemeyi ama anlatilmaz okunur diyeyim.

El Hombre Duplicado

The language lyrically translated by Margaret Costa is full of unusual but vivid imagery ” Until the confrontation, the book feels a but lifeless: The book is very different from the movie, so there’s no reason you need to limit yourself to one or the other.

To begin with, it’s a sloppy handling of a theme which has been done over-and-over, and better done at that: Having been born on the same day, they both want to know, of course, if they are destined also to die on the same day. A nice girl who is far too good for him, a decent well payed job.

You need to really absorb the first sections of the book to figure out the full meaning and unravel the plot. Ancak bu sefer Saramago’nun gozlukleri var gozumuzde. View all 4 comments. I loved Saramago’s story, the way it delved deep into my consciousness, resulting in a finale that sat well with me.

Put the violin away. jjose

El hombre duplicado by José Saramago (4 star ratings)

When it turns out that Claro was born a half-hour before Tertuliano, it somehow becomes inevitable that one of them will have to be destroyed. During the night, noises in his apartment wake him. The protagonist is boring, has a boring life, has boring things happen to him. This is one of I’m awful at doing reviews and I feel like I never say anything anyone hasn’t already said in their reviews but I’m doing this one because I need to put my astonishment in words once I have no other way of dealing with it.

Old as our fears, the familiar figure of the double haunts the literatures of every country I had also liked “All the Names” but this one is by far my favorite of everything I’ve read from the author. The language lyrically translated by Margaret Costa is full of unusual but vivid imagery ” And when the manager tells me I canno I should preface this review with a disclaimer that I both love Jose Saramago and magical realism.


Retrieved 25 March Thanks for telling us about the problem. When the two men meet, it is at once apparent that they are indeed doubles. Like The Prince and the Pauper pulverized, re-shaped, twisted, spun and rebuilt by a genius to make a literary masterpiece of the 21st century.

As a result, we don’t care what happens to Afonso or how he ends up. The Double is about a man who discovers another man who looks and sounds exactly like him in every way.

We pause [to breath] and even, as I say in my books, the …more Saramago has explained this earlier: This is a wonderful and diverting choice for anyone willing to engage in the slight relinquishment of common sense that this novel and the genre requires. Made in our own image, the double can incarnate our evil deeds, or kindly take our place in order to perform a seemingly impossible task, it is one of the most complex and richly told fables. Saramago has explained this earlier: