El hombre duplicado / The Double (Spanish Edition) [Jose Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Una novela que se lee con la . El hombre duplicado (Jose Saramago Works) (Spanish Edition) [José Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Saramago tells the. El Hombre Duplicado [José Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Innovando frente a las convenciones de la novela, Saramago.

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El hombre duplicado / The Double by Jose Saramago | : Books

We pause [to breath] and even, as I say in my books, the …more Saramago has explained this earlier: Okuduktan sonra onu da izlemek gerek. May 22, BlackOxford rated it it was amazing Shelves: One I would say he excels at. Tertuliano changes his clothes, loads the pistol he keeps in the house, and puts it into his belt.

To begin with, it’s a sloppy handling of a theme which has been done over-and-over, and better done at that: His writing is powerful, confident, amazingly intricate, and sometimes almost dizzying in its profound intellectualism, and all of this comes across even in translation Saramago writes only in Portuguese.

What is with this guy and not using periods?

Quotes from El hombre duplicado. His life is never the same from then on and he takes upon himself the task of solving this mystery quite literally to its bitter end. In Portuguese, the title is literally “The Duplicated Man. Nel suo caso, il racconto dell’uomo e del suo doppio si sviluppa in un modo molto moderno e incalzante, quasi come un giallo.

Meanwhile, Tertuliano and Maria get engaged to be married.

But if once in a while you encounter distinctive writing styles like Nabokov’s, G. Villeneuve hinted at this before the film’s release in a interview for the Huffington Post, remarking “If you look at Enemy again, you can see that everything has an answer and a meaning.

The language lyrically translated by Margaret Costa is duplicao of unusual but vivid imagery ” Published October 1st by Alfaguara first published The first part of the book might even be described as dull, as the long and apparently rambling sentences, conversations without quotes, and occasional asides from his omniscient narrator set up a picture of an unsympathetic and drab antihero, a depressed history teacher who watches a video recommended by a colleague and sees a bit part actor who duplivado his exact likeness.

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Why not, Because it’s not healthy for the mind to live cheek by jowl with common sense, eating at the same table, sleeping in the same bed, taking it along to work, and asking its approval or permission before making a move, you’ve got to take a few risks of your own, Who do you mean, All of you, the human race.

But he couldn’t, a curiosity built up inside him. Sep 06, Esra M. The protagonist is boring, has a boring life, has boring things happen to him. He certainly wasn’t a writer shy of confidence within himself, and he maybe one of the masters of the Long Sentence to the annoyance of some, but from a joss and moral standpoint he simply sucked me in.

And when the manager has to come over and escort me to the door with my purchases, I’ll shout even louder about how much I admire the tale of an old euplicado woman who lived to be When the two men meet, it is at once apparent that they are indeed doubles.

Articles containing Portuguese-language text. There’s nothing particularly new in positing a logical world and then introducing an absurd element which leads to an unravelling of identity.

This was a self-inflicted punishment by an insipid reader trying to introduce himself to a compulsively revolting writer! If you are new to him, working your way through can be tedium indeed. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And the translator must be a genius with words because translating a book where you have to dig up “persipacity” is cuckoo bananas.

The Double

He was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party. Kitaptaki tum karakterler icin boyle bu durum. I figured out the inevitable ending of this book about halfway through it, but getting to the end was certainly not tedious.

This is a wonderful and diverting choice for anyone willing to engage in the slight relinquishment of common sense that this novel and the genre requires.


His life suddenly takes on meaning to solve the mystery of his exact look-alike, he finds his name and ultimately confronts him. Simdi bu kitapta benim icin 5 yildizin yetmedigi kitaplardan biri oldu. Once again Saramago creates a situation in which to explore the oddness of being alive and knowing it. I see myself as an oral narrator when I write and that the words by me written ought to be read as well as hombge be heard.

And when the manager tells me I cannot come back, well then I’ll probably just go to my car, because what a jerk. This would lead to a chain of events that not only desn’t go according to plan, but opens up a whole other set of possibilities that spells danger for the people he most cares about, including his girlfriend, Maria da Paz.

He answers and a man on the other end of the line exclaims, “At last! Provate a riscrivere i suoi dialoghi in modo “canonico”, e vedrete annegare la voce di Saramago e i suoi personaggi in un mare di simboli superflui.

Upon arrival, the hobre strip down and find that they are indeed physically identical.

El Hombre Duplicado : Jose Saramago :

I am still impressed. Incredibly hard to read! He simply hasn’t the mind anymore to wallow in pity knowing he’s out there. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Saramago chooses not to delimit by quotation marks; when the speaker changes, Saramago capitalizes the first letter of the new speaker’s clause.

Even the author’s tendency to combine what ought to be three pages of dialogue into one run-on sentence strung along by obsessively linked commas feels natural and comprehensible after the first few instances.