We have received many requests to know the exact nature of the Solfeggio . the “Emanation of the Solfeggio” publication has been zipped into 6 files of about. In addition are sounds from the Shabd Yoga, the science of the Audible Sound Current. These sounds are considered to be Divine Emanations of the Creator. The Emanation of Solfeggio. 9 likes. Book. The Emanation of Solfeggio. Privacy ยท Terms. About. The Emanation of Solfeggio. Book. 9 people like this topic .

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The patterns derived from the 36 Hz difference “push and spin”and knowledge of mathematician-revealed hyperspace geometry, soon convinced the research “team” to examine the possibility of the cube existing as one or more 4 dimensional tesseracts.

Link naar andere Solfeggio info: One three-dimensional view of the tesseract, the one from whence the red arrows emerge above fits quite well, and ” Such a position is well grounded in current metaphysical thought symmetry of tetrahedron versus first impingement to our space and may also be exemplified in the words of the “Book of ARI” – From the book of ARI “The Tree Of Life”, part I “Behold, that before the emanations were emanated and the creatures were created, The upper simple light had filled the whole existence.

Emanation of the Solfeggio

The positions create a generalized “U” shape, the weave to which matches Remote Viewing RV fo, completed by Deborah Burisch, in These constructions revealed geometric patterns not unlike those found in the Sri Yantra an ancient Mandala of Creation! Private esoteric sources, cannot be revealed in this paper. It may contain triple, double and single frequencies in all directions. The cubes, once oriented frequencies withinthus become: Link naar de enige echte Eagles Disobey website: Just as the 5 Platonic Solids may be raised from the cube when viewed as that composed by 27 spheres or small cubesso to frequencies solfegglo be raised by passing through any direction within it, or between adjacent theorized “hyper-cubes” a notion discussed below.

The astute observer, or investigator of the arcane, may have noticed the presence of the Aristotle Triad, composed ofin the graphic preceding this sentence.



Could it be the vorticular sequence of a certain torus? Lenfest III, offered the position that the 36 Hz may constitute a point of instability or penetrance from hyperspace to our dimensional reality. To analyze this concept, we must divert from emanaion common view of existence based upon concrete, unitary, meanings.

The weaving of the hexagrams dual triangle and unicursal upon the “Pre-Fall” and “Post-Fall” Tree schema, were found comparable to one another, with the figure’s centers, tips, and overlaps, on each Sefira plus Da’ath.

And there was no vacancy, such as an empty atmosphere, a hollow, or a pit, But all was filled with simple, boundless light. Due to the nature of the source material upon which the Hebrew letter sequence was used, the original overlays establishing these weaves may only be shared, emanatiion the writers, in a face-to-face sitting with those making inquiries. That analysis, which promoted fo questions than provided answers, off.

Continued in Section 4 This work, including all original text and images, is copyright protected. And through that line, He emanated, formed, Created all the worlds.

If these “tones” may be passed in any direction, then the sequence of numbers though which they pass is dependent upon the direction, and so the output “tone” on a “scale” varies. Such a position is well grounded in current metaphysical thought symmetry of tetrahedron versus first impingement to our space and may also be exemplified in the words of the “Book of ARI”.

Differences, between discrete frequencies, within each “hundred level Hertz category”, were computed. The use of Lamed-Vov was applied, emanstion respect for the number 36 in Jewish mystical tradition. There, after the restriction, Having formed a vacuum and a space Precisely in the middle of the endless light, A place was formedWhere the dmanation and the created solffggio reside.

And there remained an empty space, a vacuum Circling the middle point. In an effort to provide further emanatoon concerning the sequences of letters, several practices were engaged to define mystical properties, should they reside in the sequences. It now serves us to begin viewing the “cube” as it really may be: And the light drew far off to the sides around that middle point. The presence of the unicursal hexagram, from time immemorial dmanation indicated the beauty of the Tifereth, the sixth Sefira, the Sphere of Beauty.


The arrows, indicating the direction of the difference of 36 Hz pointed to an “arbitrary down” and provided the feeling to the writers of spinning LR: The match of the hexahedron cube to the shape of the Tifereth, as constructing a 3-dimensional Tree of Life, and the presence of the unicursal hexagram from the geometric constructions did not go unnoticed.

Yes, that is possible. So, from whence do we derive this sequence?

The Left-to-Right sequence is added to the Right-to-Left sequence image immediately above left, bottom portion producing two clearly visible unicursal hexagrams, touching tip-to-tip.

Natuurlijk moeten we er rekening mee houden dat zij die Dan Burisch in een negatief daglicht hebben gesteld, in eerste instantie met scepsis op zijn rapporten zullen reageren.

Maar elke wetenschappelijke doorbraak is voorafgegaan door twijfel, tegenwerking en vooroordelen. Emamation was conducted concerning patterns found in the discrete frequencies. Of continued importance is the fact that two mirrors of the weave were required to match the exact fhe, leading the writers to wonder if 4 tesseracts are required to compose the Solfeggio cube in 4-dimensional hyperspace.

It certainly seemed better than expressing a Solfeggio- hypercube as the unraveled “cross” composing 8 projected cubes! The writers will expand on that, below.

Some pictures are out of position due to the transformation of the report from a Word Perfect- into a Microsoft Word document. The writers are of the firm conviction that patterns and frequency combinations, other than those currently expressed as “important”, are present and await discovery!

The writers soon revisited the explanation posited for the existence of this “cube”. Why is this important? A tesseract, by definition, is the four-dimensional analogue of a three-dimensional cube.

No reproduction or publication of this work in whole or in part, is permitted without the written authorization of the copyright holders. Research contributor, Charles W.