Endosulfan is an off-patent organochlorine insecticide and acaricide that is being phased out .. This inspired protests, and the pesticide was banned in Kerala as early as , following a report by the National Institute of Occupational Health. British photographer Beatriz Lopez and Peter Caton visit Kasargod district in north Kerala, whose residents have been plagued by the spraying. The nodal medical officer of Kasargod district, who played a key role in Kerala’s campaign against the pesticide endosulfan, refuses to answer.

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But the local media has been more appreciative of their struggle.


This is why a single study is never enough to establish a fact. Mayee committee submits its report.

So I cannot give a straightforward answer. Both of these enzymes are involved in the transfer of nerve impulses. His argument boils down to one single point: Letter was sent to Sharad Pawar by Dr. These include endosulfan, monocrotophos, furidan and phorate.

Sharanya can talk, rather mumble, and can sit only with support. B oth born blind, sisters Rahina and Rasna are six and nine stroy old. India has agreed to phase out use of Endosulfan by and all existing stock of the pesticide in the country that is past its expiry date, government said today.

Tracking decades-long endosulfan tragedy in Kerala

Decades of spraying this pesticide, and only this pesticide, on the village provided a unique opportunity to analyze its impact.

We have get our hands on some scientific information and mobilise some social support based on that. He said ” This is the first human study to ever measure the effects of endosulfan on the male reproductive system.


Doctors believed Abhilash would not survive and his parents were warned that conceiving another child would only lead to the same heartache: A year ago, a local youth group arranged monthly visits of a physiotherapist who is also an ayurvedic doctor, but her improvement has been minimal and she kerals still experiencing ongoing pain in her legs.

The poisoning effects are diverse and devastating for the victims, their families and the wider community. Second, there are rat studies that indicate the opposite—that endosulfan does not cause tumors. And in hot tropical climates, endosulfan does not behave as it does in cooler temperate climates.

Famed for its capacity to increase agricultural productivity, endosulfan has been officially banned in Kerala for 10 years. Aromatase inhibitors Endocrine disruptors Convulsants Cyclopentenes Neurotoxins Nonsteroidal antiandrogens Organochloride insecticides Organosulfites Teratogens Xenoestrogens.

Endlsulfan it all began: EPA’s acute reference dose for dietary exposure to endosulfan is 0.

If some agitated people want to take up violent measures to put an end to the endosulfan menace, they try endosulfah calm them down. Why should I stop it? Most labourers are from scheduled tribes such as Eravallan and Malassar.

Both Shetty and Bala Kurup corroborate this.

Kerala’s Endosulfan Tragedy | OPEN Magazine

This was because other pollutants like automobile and industries were absent and aerial spraying was the only activity. Residents said agents brought pesticides into Kerala and sold them to plantation workers. It was evident that PCK did not follow protective precautions for the workers, the public in the surrounding areas and the water sources during spraying.


The paper also claims that scientists working in the labs where the tests were done revealed that the labs were not well equipped to do proper testing and had conducted the study using expired standards.

He said ministers and elected representatives were discussing the matter and it wasn’t proper for him to say anything. We are yet to understand the magnitude of the problem,” says Shree Padre.

The boy suffers from psoriasis—a non-contagious skin condition that leads to thickening of skin. Victims here are suffering from congenital deformities, physical disabilities, mental retardation and gynecological problems.

But it took 18 years for the matter to come to a head. July 01, Dr A Achyuthan committee report November Mony narrates the plot of a movie to explain the difference between association and causation.

During the first hearing on May 2, the bench of Chief Justice SH Kapadia, Justice KS Radhakrishnan, and Justice Swatanter Kumar asked the Centre as to whythere should not be a ban on the sale and use of the pesticide against which there has been proven records of consequences on human health. Dr Kumar, an activist associated with Pesticide Action Network, also accuses the plantation corporation of harassment and false allegations that he had ‘vested interests’.