Note, the decision of final completeness and acceptance of the Estidama where not provided; and with an N/A where the requirements are not applicable. The Pearl Rating System for Estidama. Building Rating System. Design & To achieve a 1 Pearl rating, all the mandatory credit requirements must be met. To. Estidama Pearl Rating System: Information Bulletin #14 Pearl Qualified Professional (PQP) Certification – Updated Eligibility Requirements.

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Reducing water demand and encouraging efficient distribution and alternative water sources. LEED, on the other hand, does not account for this. The Total Office provides work estiddama solutions focusing on ergonomic and collaborative products that meet global environmental standards.

The Pearl Rating System At its heart consists of 7 components: Think of it like a student studying for an exam, only for a passing grade. Estidama basis its rating system on a pearl rating 1 through 5. The Pearl Rating system acknowledges that with each stage of the project of the project — requiremenst, construction and finally facilities — there are different responsibilities associated with it and hence have to be rated accordingly.


To achieve a higher Pearl rating, all the mandatory credit requirements must be met along with a minimum number of credit points.

The Total Office

A fact not known to many: An dequirements feat, considering extreme temperatures in the region place emphasis on passive design strategies to keep buildings cool, without having to rely on air conditioning.

AKA mugging up facts. Which may make the investment into LEED more worth the time and effort.

Obviously, local government entities advocate strongly and have opted for the Estidama Pearl Rating. A key point to be noted here is that Estidama ensures that the performance of a building or facility, post-completion and handover, is behaving as it was designed to. Through this, Abu Dhabi, and eventually UAE, strives to be a model for sustainable and economic development in the world.

Estidama – Wikipedia

The UAE has never shied away from adopting the latest trends and practices. Simply having products specified and used on Day 1 to score an Estidama Pearl Rating will not win any points. Improving the quality and connectivity of outdoor and indoor spaces.


Targeting energy conservation through passive design measures, reduced demand, energy efficiency and renewable sources. Keeping this reality in check, three requirementw stages have been put in place: The estidaam basic and minimum achievement possible is a 1 pearl rating — meaning all the prerequisites must be met.

Encouraging cross-disciplinary teamwork to deliver environmental and quality management throughout the life of the project. In the field of construction and architecture, a dominant trend in the region has been the adoption of sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The UAE ranked 9th in among the top 10 nations in requiremejts world in adopting green building practices.