Explanation of “The Nullifiers of Islaam” – By Shaikh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ar-Raajihee .. Islamic faith – they are all heavenly religions” as some people (today) do. 2 My brothers in Islam, here I present to you a brief explanation of Nawaaqid al- Islam (Nullifiers of Islam) written by Imam Muhammad Bin Abdul-Wahhab (A). “My brothers in Islam, here I present to you a brief explanation of Nawaaqid al- Islam (Nullifiers of Islam) written by Imam Muhammad Bin.

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They love them as they love Allah.

And he who does this is a kaafir [disbeliever in Allah 3s and His Messenger It ]. This action constitutes apostasy. Belief in Oneness and Uniqueness of Allah. Supporting the Polytheists — Supporting and assisting the polytheists against the Muslims. Whoever does not hold the polytheists to be disbelievers, has doubts about their disbelief or considers their ways and beliefs to be correct has committed disbelief.

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The Muslim must be very knowledgeable about Tawheed so that he islaam not indulge in practices and concepts that contradict the essence of Islaam.

May I follow you so that you teach me something of that 1 Soorah Al-Air aam 6: There is a dispute among the scholars with regard to this type of magic and whether it constitutes apostasy or not.

If they were really truthful in their claim to knowledge of the unseen, they would be right all the time, and they would have informed us the secrets of the Jews, and they could have uncovered all the buried treasures of the earth, and they would not be dependent on the people for money, taking their wealth from them under false pretenses.


After reaching the age of puberty, he travelled to Makkah to perform the Hajj, at which time he benefited from the scholars in Makkah. Major shirk polytheism condemns the one who practices it to abide in Hell-fire, whereas minor shirk polytheism does not.

Explanation Of Nullifiers Of Islam ( Nawakid Al-Islam )

Intermediation is of two kinds: Or if a person claims to be the Rabb; as Pharaoh claimed saying: So ilam should refrain and hold themselves so as not to hasten to impute Kufr on a particular person before the evidences are established and impediments are removed. Ibn Ubaid said in a narration: Aversion to the Religion, not Learning it nor Acting upon it Class He is not a kaafir in that case, because Allah 3! Anyone who mocks at Allah fgthe Messenger is explanatikn the religion of Islam has committed kufr infidelity even if they were joking and not serious.

This is permissible with two conditions: Blessed be He Who sent down the criterion of right and wrong, i. When you ask one of them to take a false oath by Allah if [swearing in Allah if thr lying] they will.

Guidelines on Takfeer 3 Determining whether someone is a kaafir or a faasiq 4 is not up to us, rather it is up to Allah, may He be exalted, ecplanation His Messenger j. The proofs for this are the verses in Soorah Muhammad A person who has this type of nifaaq, then he is in the lowest part of the hellfire. There are conditions to this type of intercession: Intercession with Him profits not except for him whom He permits”.


So whoever hates something from the legislation of Allaah and the guidance of the Prophet Peace be upon himwhether it be his rulings, or his orders, or his forbiddances, or what has come from the Prophet Peace be upon him concerning belief; then he has exceeded his bounds, and has nulliiers himself to a wrath that he cannot bear.

One poor man met another and they complained to each other of their poverty. The nullifiers of Belief can be classified into four categories: And the wrongdoers will not have any helpers in hell.

Explanation Of Nullifiers Of Islam ( Nawakid Al-Islam ) – Soninke – muhammad suquna

The first is that there is no doubt that the guidance of Prophet Muhammad M is more perfect than any other since it is a revelation. Associating others with Allah Si in His Attributes is to equate the creation with The Creator in His Attributes, such as believing that a certain person knows the future.

Our deen, the deen of Islaam, has abrogated all of the deens, and that there remains no other deen. Moses said to him Al-Khidhr: Special intercession for the Prophet it explanatin It is not permissible to take lightly the matter of judging someone to be a kaafir or faasiq, because that involves two very serious matters: