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But don’t provide more supervision than is necessary as it may not give your subordinates an oppor- tunity to develop self-confidence and realize their full potential.

Don’t offer adverse criticism so often that the workers expect trouble whenever you are around.

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After these steps have been taken, your performance on the advancement examination will be greatly influenced by your mastery of the contents of the appropriate study materials. The school is 6 weeks in length. Never order food you know the patrons do not like, even though you have storage space for unlimited quantities.

Mess Management Specialists com- pleting an authorized apprenticeship under the National Apprenticeship Program will be awarded a Certificate of Apprenticeship Completion by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, Adegs ment of Labor.

These teams are composed of senior Mess Management Specialists who are experts in their field. This daets involves the taking of required courses, especially in the first 2 years of college. As you advance to chief petty officer, naturally your responsibilities will become greater. Sanitary adet must be coordinated with and approved by the medical department. The board may or may not have any real authority, but in any case, it serves a worthwhile purpose.

It will probably be easier for you to stick to a schedule if you can plan to study at the same time each day. As you study, relate the information in the training manual to the knowledge you already have. The traditional backbone of enlisted career development has been our formal school programs.

The extent of your adest t the Navy will be determined by your willmgnes and ability to accept increased responsibilities a you advance in rate As you advance in rate, yoi must also assume the responsibility for thi professional and fichf work of fivhe.


Supervising the procurement, storage, and issue of all consumable provisions and supplies for the quarters and the messes. Each lock is passed by an original and duplicate key different from the key to any other space These keys should be handled as in the case of group I except that the keys to the galley, bakeshop, bread room, meat prepara- tion room, and vegetable preparation room should not be turned in to the key locker but should be passed ifche watch captains as they relieve each other.

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The master key to group II may be retained in the custody of the officer or petty officer designed by the supply officer If a duplicate master key is furnished, it is retained in the custody of the supply officer.

The Navy Ration Law b. Both classroom and practical instruction are emphasized in the follow- ing areas: Typical organization of a supply department of ffiche small fleet unit without a Supply Corps officer.

The school is 8 weeks in length The major emphasis of this school includes classroom and practical instruction in the following areas: The good super- visor usually adopts a casual manner in making contacts to spare the worker embarrassment but is neither casual nor careless when it comes to supervision.

Adest, fish, poultry, and veal must always be well cooked no matter what method is used. The manager plans, organizes, details people for positions and work stations, directs their work, and takes corrective action when necessary.

This guide gives the recommended methods and procedures for managing PQS. Candidates should ensure their evaluations are typed properly with no misspellings or other clerical errors.

When the president is absent, the chief petty officer next in line for assuming military authority acts as president. What do I already know about this? A board meets in Adetss to select the chief petty officers.

The budget review process calls for a close examination of these reports. It is an impor- tant part of your PQS program. No more fihce 10 percent of the total number of candidates in any paygrade may have less than the prescribed TAFMS.

Stock control Stock control functions include determination of requirements; preparation of requisitions; processing receipt and expenditure documents, and maintaining related files and records; performing financial accounting for material; accounting for material; maintaining related files and records; maintaining material catalogs, allowance lists, and technical publications.

Use this fat when you make gravies or adetss for meats or refrigerate and use the fat within 36 hours. Procurement, receipt, stowage when ap- plicable, issue and accounting for equipage, fichhe parts, and consumable supplies required to sup- port the ship’s assigned employment unless this function has been specifically assigned to another department.


Sound supply department organization is necessary to carry out the objectives of the depart- ment and will vary according to the mission, physical characteristics, and complement of the ship It is based on a division of activities and on the assignment of responsibilities and authority of individuals within the organization.

Some panels will pick fewer early selectees and others will select more because the average time in service of candidates vanes from rating to rating. Navy Regulations,petty officers and noncommissioned officers will not be detailed as foodservice attendants except when nonrated personnel are not available.

If a manager does these things, manage- ment will suffer. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Supply spaces must be kept locked when not in use. The first class and chief petty officers should assume as many of these responsibilities as possible with the excep- tion of accountability which cannot be delegated. As the most likely person to discover discrepancies or techniqhe in a standard, the QPO should bring such matters to the attention of the supervisor.

The Manager’s Guide states that great latitude exists in the format for required records; however, the minimum items that must be maintained for monitoring progress are as follows: This includes cor- respondence schools.

Authorized deviations may be included in the Supply Department Organization Manual. This column addresses itself to tevhnique enlisted supply community. The challenge is yours. This responsibility encompasses all materials purchased consumables, nonconsumables, re- pair parts, as well as food items. Accordingly, it is important for you, as a senior MS, to have an established training program in your division.

Understanding the function of the general career pattern fig. Advancement in rate, except for some special procurement and training programs, is accom- plished through a Navy-wide competitive ex- amination system.

Each lock is passed by an original and duplicate key different from the keys to any other space.