Option package consists of a board in the A, a ribbon cable and a board for the Fluke A IEEE Translator. The 1 A must be used to interface A. Fluke A Benchtop Timer/Counter. A broadband continuously variable, x, analog attenuator lets you add just enough attenuation to minimize the input. Here you will find a large selection of new and used Fluke A listed at special prices. Although some items match several categories, all of them are listed.

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When reinstalling the Signal Conditioners or the Front Panel Assembly, care should be taken not to bend the connector pins. Impedance for each channel in the A is 1 MO shunted by 50 pF.

The greater the percentage of off time, the lower the duty cycle. Distortion refers to an unwanted change in the input waveform.

Fluke 7250A Timer Counters

The low battery voltage relay keeps the battery from discharging to a reversed cell condition by removing the battery load when battery voltage drops to about 4V. Verify that the DVM reads battery voltage.

The ambiguity amounts to one displayed count. Rack Installation A measurement sequence is initiated for each step; flukd, at the end of a sequence, the counter is not set to the maximum allowable resolution step, either a new measurement sequence is begun at the next higher resolution or the display is updated.

To form this pulse, each input waveform regardless of its shape triggers the input circuitry on or off at predetermined triggering, or hysteresis levels. The gate time, in this case 10 ms, would allow 23, cycles of the input frequency to be counted; the displayed number without decimal point will always equal the lfuke number of cycles counted during the gale time. Verify that the UUT display reads Remove the bottom cover using the procedure described in Section 4.


Figure illustrates test point flukf. This counter is driven by an internal oscillator whose frequency is determined by the exterior connection of Cl 3.

When placed in AUTO, the A will automatically step through a predetermined series of resolution settings. If neither oven time base option is installed, the battery will recharge any time the instrument is connected to line power and the power control is set to STBY.

This section contains an illustrated parts breakdown of the instrument. In addition, each mode of operation will be separately described and illustrated.

Proceed with the following steps: Frequency A Test Either ac or dc coupling may be used to transfer the input signal to the input conditioning circuitry. Use the following part numbers when ordering these special bags. Triggering problems may appear in a number of ways when measuring time interval.

Fluke A for Sale|Universal Counters|Frequency Measurement Products|Test Equipment Center

The following considerations may be useful: Indicates the number of periods averaged in Period Average mode, and the number of cycles ofB averaged in Ratio mode.

BNC connector for externally sourced 10 MHz reference. While maintaining a constant input level of 10 mV rms, verify stable and correct readings at frequencies of 10,Hz. The performance test may also help to localize the trouble to a particular section of the instrument.


Autoranging 3- 1. Each of these settings is defined by three function-related scales. Remove the four screws holding the battery case to the battery bracket. Connector for Data Output Option accessible here.

Fluke A Universal Counter Timer Dual Channel | eBay

See Section 7 for Code-to-Name list. Figure illustrates input circuitry for either channel. The A display should read Resolutions vary from ns to 1 ps. Use of the front panel controls must be directed toward this end. For example, the FREQ A function can be used to measure the precision frequency output of a signal synthesizer, and the CPM function can be used to determine the rotational speed of a conveyor belt spindle.

In addition, this block disables decimal point and measurement unit outputs to the Display. The A features six manually selected resolution settings, autoranging, leading zero suppression, full annunciation, auloreset, and a free-air crystal time base.

Fluke 7250A Universal Counter Timer Dual Channel

Use static ground straps to discharge repair personnel. Input Circuitry This lets the input on pin fulke of flip-flop U2 rise. Test equipment recommended for performance tests, calibration, and troubleshooting is listed in Table