Forbidden Lore. Authors: Bruce Nesmith and William W. Connors Type: Accessory – new rules. Format: Boxed set. Release date: November Summary of. Ravenloft: Forbidden Lore (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Second Edition) Publisher: Wizards of the Coast (Originally TSR) Page Count. The Secret Societies of Ravenloft. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page

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The descriptions of the cards along with the positioning of cards are nice and still quite usable with the recently released and beautiful Tarokka deck published by Swords and Sorcery. This book details 12 different types of creatures that characters can become after death, as well as dozens of powers and weaknesses they may possess.

The madness rules are unremarkable with the madness developed not reflecting what caused the mental illness it is simply a random development. Included the original set of the Tarokka Deck and the Dikesha Dice, lire map Kalidnay and various buildings: This boxed set contains everything necessary to take your characters beyond death’s veil and into the shadowy world of unlife, including: This book introduces and details the Dark Delvers, Kargatane! Joel rated it liked it Jun 14, Boxed set Release date: So what is in Forbidden Lore?

This works as a plus for most forbdiden the books, if one only needs the rules for the Tarokka or the information on a ravehloft society those books can be removed and the rest left tucked away, much easier than searching through a single large thick tome.

Heroes have always considered the undead to be mere monsters, legions of mindless evil to be slain with no second though. When fate revealed his past, he betrayed the Circle and fled. On the back cover of this book is a quick reference sheet matching the images on the Dikesha with the dice.

Now the time has come to learn about the secrets of the lands in the demiplane of dread. This is kind of a catch-all book. Other books in the series. The Ata-Bestaal are mortals who want to become animals, for forrbidden believe is it a simpler and purer way of life, free from the horrors Man inflicts upon itself.


They become the monsters, and the entire world rvenloft their enemy. Good expansion of the Black Box.

Forbidden Lore – Wikipedia

In turn, they have a secret society of regular mortals called the Kargatane, who are essentially dupes seeking immortality without the price tag of undeath. As the spells are from an outdated system and most of the new spells either require lengthy updating or have already been reintroduced this book is the least useful of the five.

Finally, this eavenloft contains an appendix for Dark Sun characters and races from Athas.

The dikesha was less useful, IMHO. Gianfranco Mancini rated it really liked it Oct 27, This boxed set includes: However, now the cold comfort of the grave is forever denied these good men and women as they find themselves walking the land after their breath has left them. A set of [5] runic dice used to predict the future, from the mysterious land of Har’Akir. You also get a look at sanitariums in Ravenloft and other ways madness can be cured.

No Comments Mar 6, It includes a page sourcebook, The Weeping Land, which reveals the complete history of the domain and the strange and terrible lord who rules over it.

Death Triumphant can be played as a stand-alone adventure or as the final chapter in the Grim Harvest series. The book also gives Ravenloft adaptations for spells from The Tome of Magicalong with its own ravenlooft on mage variants like Wild Mages, Elementalists, and so on.

Books by Bruce Nesmith.

If they escape the treacherous clutches of dark slumber, they’ll be safe – at least until the next time sleep overtakes them All of this was covered in the multiple versions of the core Ravenloft product, but this book is for the DMs that really want to focus on this concept. Jeffrey rated it really liked it Apr 25, John Gilbert rated it really liked it Jan 13, For the citizens of Darkon, death has been an everyday companion, and sometimes a yearned-for end to suffering.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Sadly most of this book is used to update the Psionic rules and there simply is no real additional information on madness that is not found in racenloft other tome.

Everything else is pretty niche and will only appeal to a slice of Ravenloft gamers, and even less will actually make use of them. New spells ravenlloft magical lore from the darkest of Ravenloft’s lords – Strahd Von Zarovich.

Tabletop Review: Ravenloft: Forbidden Lore (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Second Edition)

This group is the only good aligned ravenlpft society in the collection, and it consists of mortals and wereravens. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The dice are less useful and atmospheric than the deck, and much harder to stack, but they make a lovely random element to the game. After learning Forlorn’s history of sorrow, the DM can lead player characters into Melancholy Meetings, a page collection of encounters that forbidedn adventure in every corner of the domain.

At least you now have an unlimited supply, unlike with the boxed fobidden, where there was no way to get extras. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A page book by the author of Van Richten’s Guide to Ghosts and Forbidden Lore that gives you all the rules and information you’ll need to run adventures on Gothic Earth.

There are also some brief words about using the cards in adventures.

Forbidden Lore: Ravenloft Accessory: by Bruce Nesmith

Curses, power checks and cursed items: The rules for shades of grey are particularly notable. Harbingers, Portents and Omens of the Vistani. The Mausoleum Odds and Ends. Theodoros Theodoridis rated it really liked it Jan 24,