has a list of landing sites on the Ft Rucker cantonment area that are . G3 Air at during duty hours, or Fort Rucker SDO at / after. SCOPE AND RESPONSIBLIITIES. The ARTS Grading SOP applies to all Instructors conducting training and evaluations for non-rated and rated students. FORT RUCKER, ALABAMA Fort Rucker Regulation . The Fort Rucker local flight rules are published in Fort Rucker Reg

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USAAWC Regulation 95-1 and Fort Rucker Regulation 95-1

Exceptions are students enrolled in a formal course of instruction, SPsIPsIEsmaintenance test flight evaluators, nonrated crewmember instructors FInonrated crewmember standardization instructors SIflight surgeons and flight surgeon students MO. Other categories of users may be considered on a rcuker basis.

Foreign users must submit requests in sufficient time to allow for required coordination with DCS, G—2, Department of State, and other principals as necessary.

Prior to operating an unmanned aircraft system UAS outside of an active restricted area, within the NAS, a request for a certificate of waiver or authorization Fot must be submitted to the DAR see table 1—1 a minimum of 90 days prior to the first proposed flight.

If personnel actions taken have not alleviated the adverse conditions and the facility remains at emergency manning level at the end of the 60—day period, facilities must reduce forg or curtail operating hours.

Army representation to DOD, national and international flight information publication conferences,meetings, working groups, and related activities necessary to support U. When insurance or liability lapses for any reason, civilian use of the airfield will cease and the associated CALP is void. Army and keep the command informed of the. Use of Army airfields by foreign aircraft for classified missions.


USAAWC Regulation and Fort Rucker Regulation ppt download

Guidance and assistance may be obtained from the installation finance and urcker office. Initiate requirement documents to reflect top-driven ATC projects such the U.

Airfield operations functions include flight operations support, airfield, and aircraft services. Army issues requiring coordination with the FAA and other agencies.

Noise Management Program

Application in combat operations. All foreign government aircraft operators requesting to land on an Army installation in the Ruc,er States or its. The facility may also offer arrival services if they have been given airspace for that purpose via LOA with the controlling agency. As a minimum, the areas to be evaluated will include:.

AR Air Traffic Control, Airfield/Heliport, And Airspace Operations

Document actions taken and monitor status until corrected. Suspension, termination, and renewal of civil aircraft landing permits. Certain ordnance and explosives demolition activities. Ensure a risk assessment is performed on all proposed operational waiver requests prior foet submitting to the approval authority.

Night vision lights-out operations. Review airspace proposals processed through their regional offices and keep appropriate U. See section II of this chapter. Air Force liaison officer on official business. Final position primary VHF or.

Other forms of hold harmless agreements are not acceptable and are grounds for denial of use. If part-time, express in local time. Self-explanatory; Block 6b, military retired pay grade or company title; Block 6c, self-explanatory; Block 6d, an original signature blue ink is required; Block 6e, date as year, month, day using numbers for example: This is in addition to any pre-tuned back-up radios.

Army-FAA team visits and meetings concerned with the review and evaluation of airspace. Complete DA Form to the fullest extent possible; however, do not delay if all information is not immediately available. Army is required to furnish the FAA with estimates of annual requirements for any or all of the above services no later than 1 September of each year in order for FAA to program Army requirements. Instrument Procedures, page Monitoring and utilization of navigation facilities.


Table 9—4 provides additional information on required actions for unapproved landings. Does not automatically authorize access to restricted or SUA.

Army topographic engineer assets are not available, the surveys may be contracted to qualified civil engineering firms in accordance with applicable regulations. Utilization reports are processed as follows:. Procedure turns and holding must not be authorized from a 75 MHz marker. Military ATC personnel serving in staff positions whose duties do not include the control of actual air traffic are required to maintain a current flight physical.

The environmental impact of a proposal will be assessed during the planning stage and will be evaluated along with technical and economic factors. The monitoring categories prescribed in FAAO Feeder position primary VHF or. Negotiation for extension or renewal of a joint use document is the responsibility of the joint use sponsor. This includes aircraft movements on the airport surface and within airspace where control jurisdiction has been delegated.

Safe aviation via exceptional service awards. After construction plan approval by the Army, additional airfield facilities may be constructed. The initiating agency must take into account, during the development stage, the time required for processing a proposal.