The Atonement Child is a novel by the American author Francine Rivers. It deals with the themes of unwanted pregnancy and abortion. Francine Rivers writes from the heart with stories that both challenge and reflect our faith. Reading her novel The Atonement Child helped. TBNG Review: Dynah is engaged to one of the most esteemed students at her Christian university, on the cusp of the dawn of a wonderful life.

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But I just didn’t like very much else about this book. Then try out her other powerful novels, as well. I think the first time I read this book I was to young to fully comprehend the emotional carnage that this book brings. It was such a read. I wonder how many women are out atonemment that no one knows what they have gone through or suffered in the course of their lives after having an abortion, whether out of choice or possibly being forced or coerced into one.

Dynah is heading for the Riveers Christian dream–pretty, popular, doing well at school, prospective pastor boyfriend etc.

About a quarter of the way through, though, it just got a little to schmaltzy and preachy for me. For this reason a lot of the preachy sections just come across as over the top and condescending toward someone who might not be pro-life.

The Atonement Child

If you’re looking for a good book with a lot of suspense, love, truth and God’s wisdom, please read it, and I promise you won’t regret it. I atonemment sure about the supposed link between abortion and increased chance of breast cancer but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was proven one day.


Her characters could be based on real people. I’m glad she shone a light on the hypocrisy that’s rampant in Christianity. I understand that her goal was to unpack abortion, and the regrets and ramifications it causes; however, this book felt like a con list for the procedure thinly veiled by a “story,” rather than a well-written plot about a central issue.

The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers

There needs to be more books on this topic. After twenty-six years of being imprisoned by guilt and shame, I was free through the power and love of God. Frncine 1, Publisher: What a rievrs thought.

The aftermath struggles that the main character faces are traumatic and make the important point that all of us need to learn to trust God completely. Jun 26, Michaela Matzke rated it it was amazing. Rivers is capable of churning out some really bad junk, as well as her quality novels. How abortion recovery may equip us for ministry April 7, She weaves this tale from a pro-life point of view, and this book will resonate most with those coming from that rivvers, but it can be a great read for anyone.

I really really, really do recommend that you pick up this beautiful work and prepare to see how this story starts and how it ends. A very heart wrenching look into the REAL church culture surrounding abortion and the hypocrisy we tend to hide. This is a great example. Well I should say it was hard for me personally to read this book with choices I have made in my own life.


Kim Ketola facebook twitter. To date all of Francine Rivers’ books had made me look at live in new light.

The Atonement Child

This is probably one of my favorites books that I have read! While I enjoyed the main character and her love interest, the rest of the characters fell flat. Her life as she knows it is over, unless she does what everyone else seems to think she should do, gets an abortion. There is no bad language and no graphic violence. Even when she got pregnant, her boyfriend trained to be a pastor and all her Christian College dean and professors, parents and friends wanted her to have an abortion saying that God will understand.

The young girl in this book starts out with everything a girl could want; a healthy, pure relationship with a guy, attending a Christian college, friends that love her, and a strong relationship with God. Without revealing spoilers Chld was very disapointed with an ending I felt was rushed and forced and there were certain plot points frxncine I found completely unrealistic.

She captured the nuance of Dynah’s parents’ marriage and feeling for one another to perfection. A beautiful repackaged edition of Francine Rivers’s classic novel that breaks through the many taboos surrounding abortion.