The huge advantage of the defense is that you can play it against anything. Also interesting is to play the franco benoni reversed which was. Benoni / Franco-Sicilian Defense (A43) 3 simultaneous pins. Morphy vs A Meek, (A43) Old Benoni, 12 moves, Benoni Gambit Accepted (A43) . Buy The Franco-Benoni Defense: A Black Defensive System: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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Look forward to seeing ‘n’ getting to grips with it! Ne5 11 Bg5 Nf1 to e3 followed by a later f4 or Rb1 b4 depending on circumstances.


Which move do you consider to be Black’s best move, and why? Neither do I have an answer, but I know where to find it. Post as a guest Name. There are several lines that I look at, but if you follow the analysis with a board, I think you will find that the lines do make sense. I dabbled with the Franco-Benoni in the early s. Na6 with the idea of Just because you see a line given in a text as equal doesn’t mean you have to accept it, especially when it goes against decades of accumalated chess wisdom and logic.

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opening – Any reference material on the Franco-Benoni defense? – Chess Stack Exchange

I do appreciate that Black doesn’t have to play The problem for black is that benonni does not have any active counterplay. The F-B is on my list of “rare but tricky defences I should prepare something against” so if there is some great line for White I want to know which it is! The books I’ve read on the French defense contain none or beoni little information about this opening.


It is not much fun playing the franco-benoni as black.

The Steinitz seems to be invisible at top level, and is played much less often by GMs than the Franco-Benoni is. For what it’s worth, though, I think the Kasparov book was rather dismissive of it.

Of course there are many other move-order nuances, according to what one wants. I never once claimed to frwnco as good as ECO or Kasparov. Bf4 that made it unclear to me on my preliminary glance what was going on.

A43: Old Benoni, Franco-Benoni defence

feanco Sign up using Email and Password. Nbd7 like Santos did. This is better than memorizing several lines from Black probably will deviate anyway. Regarding the second game, you stated that my notes are garbled.

ChessPub Forum – Is the Franco-Benoni playable, “busted” or great?

My contention is that White armed with just a few key benonii as to where to put his pieces and what plan to adopt is enough to maintain a pleasant plus against this opening. To make things more complicated, White sometimes plays x.


Do your own comments mean that Black shouldn’t play the natural move and that I should look at Which Kasparov book are we talking about here, as Genoni find it highly suspicious that Kasparov himself would be dismissive of this 6.

Using the alternative name “Barcza-Larsen”. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Improvement begins at the edge of your comfort zone. A fascinating thread, whatever one thinks of the opening!

I recall being rather surprised at seeing it played a while back in a game of, I think, Ivanchuk. Are there any “authoritative” or “main line” references or books that investigate this opening? I’m not Kasparov, but I’m not a slouch either.

What do folk think of these latter plans? I will respect you ffanco you post analysis, all I ask is the same in return. There are a few bits like extraneous symbols and the repetition of the move It’s rather old but I would guess theory doesn’t move that quickly in the Franco-Benoni.