Channel radio control system instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 3PK User Manual. View and Download FUTABA 3PK instruction manual online. 3-CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM. 3PK Remote Control pdf manual download. View and Download FUTABA 3PKS instruction manual online. download. Also for: Magnum 3pk super. Remote Control FUTABA 3PK Instruction Manual.

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Please recognize that all information in this manual, and all support availability, is based upon the systems sold in North It is normal for the module to get slightly warm during use.

When the END button is held down for 1 second or longer at the initial screen, the Futaba logo and user name are displayed for about 2 seconds.

If your servos are too far away to plug into 3k receiver, use an extension cord to extend the length of the servo lead. Additional Futaba extension cords of varying lengths are available from your hobby dealer. Always use an extension of the proper length. The 3PK offers not only the most comprehensive menu of features available to provide optimum performance, but also quick-access to utilize your favorite features.

Selects the complexity of functions displayed on the menu screens. Change the home screen display from Open and select menu 1. Futaba to timer while radio is in LV1 setting. Model names tutaba be the same between models; model will still be displayed and will still be different.

FUTABA 3PK Instruction Manual

NEVER attempt to operate more than one model on the same frequency at the same time. Provide receiver pre-recorded instructions of how to perform in the event it does not receive clean, clear transmission from a transmitter on its channel in Futaba PCM language.

Warn user the receiver battery is getting so low that safe vehicle operation will soon end. Reverses the direction the servo moves when given an input. If the vehicle is turning right when wheel is turned left or vice versareverse the setting for the steering. If the engine accelerates when brake is pushed, reverse the setting for the throttle. Exponential creates a true curve, not a hard climb to a certain point then a softer climb from there. Negative exponential makes the servo less responsive around center; Fine tuning adjustment for the center point of each servo.

The setting is stored within the programming and the onscreen displays continue to show neutral. Speed Limiter decreases the maximum speed of the servo. This may be adjusted individually for turning and returning the servo to neutral steeringand for high and low throttle settings.


A servo which manula too rapidly to a full-wheel input may cause the vehicle to oversteer; Amount of brake return, how far the braking response is decreased during the pulses. Set up a fairly rapid servo such as S Open and select menu 1. If using LV1, first change level selection. Due to the shape of some nitro engine linkages, throttle servo movement near neutral results in very little movement of the pushrod. Throttle acceleration simply jumps the servo from neutral to a portion of the total available throw whenever the trigger is moved away from center.

May adjust either toward higher idle U or toward braking D. A pre-set throttle position, less than full throttle, to be used for the initial acceleration off the line without having wheel spin. When the trigger is manuzl, auto-start is turned off and throttle operates normally again.

Set auto-start to avoid wheel spin, while Open and Select Menu 1. Regular stop watch timer. Counts up from 0 mwnual stopped. Set up a vutaba memory timer to track lap times Assign desired lapstart and restart switches.

Open and select menu 1. If using LV3, select timer from Menu 1.

Erases all data stored in a specific model memory. Current selected model only. Model is displayed on screen. Makes an exact copy of the current model, including its name. Copies all settings, including model name, modulation, etc.

Make an exact copy of a model for backup, to copy to CAMPac to use in another radio, etc. Assigns functions to the 3 dials, 3 trimmers, and 3 switches on the radio. Upper right on home screen displays assignments to dials and trims p3k Also called switch, or SW.

Customize what functions are available at the push of 2 buttons Direct menu manuql one more by adjusting the Direct Selection menu. Dual rate is always active, except when the 2nd dual rate switch is pushed. Sets the default or neutral position for the channel 3 servo. Defaults to being adjustable with dial 3. Programmable mix to set up fuatba steering similar to the brake mixing program but for 4-wheel steering or for 2-wheel steering using 2 servos and creating adjustable acumen: Adjust steering dual rate ST-DR: Used when model has separate front and rear brakes, and they must be adjusted separately.

Proportion of total front brake travel applied when full rear brake is applied. Set ups to fit specific needs of boat models rather than cars.

HRS frame rate is faster than many speed controls can properly read to complete their auto setups. Always try to setup your ESC normally first. Similarly, all transmitters need regular maintenance to keep everything properly aligned. Prior approval of the appropriate government authorities may be required. If you have purchased this product from an exporter outside your country, and not the authorized Futaba distributor in your country, please contact the seller immediately to determine if such export regulations have been met.


Have regular maintenance performed. Although your radio does not have a battery to protect the model memories, it still should have regular checkups for wear and tear.

Futaba® – Contact Us

If the battery is charged with a quick charger for other than digital RC systems, it may not be fully charged. Make this adjustment when you want to decrease the total travel of the brake push side of futbaa throttle trigger. For digital ATL, see p. This is a mechanical stop screw only, and does not move the neutral point or affect the acceleration pull side of the throttle trigger.

The wheel angle can also left-handed operation. Changing wheel position 1. Connect the wheel unit fuaba harness 2. Reinstall the wheel unit, wheel unit through the offset adapter. Install the adapter cover, wheel, and wheel cap in same using four 2. Modifying for left-hand use 1. Battery Replacement att ery cover 1. Slide the transmitter battery cover in the mnual direction while pressing the part shown in the figure. Replace the NiCd battery pack or dry cell batteries.

Slide the battery cover back onto the transmitter.

Futaba 3PK 2.4GHz User Manual

While pressing this part. The 3PK does not use a battery to store this data; it is stored in permanent non-volatile memory. However, failures can still occur which cause loss of this memory.

Turn it back on. If the alarm sounds again, send for service.

If it does not, the system is ready for use. See channel 3 assignment A rigid, short antenna mounted to the model. Used to replace the longer manuzl antenna. Not recommended or supported by Futaba. Notifies user when receiver voltage is 3pkk Allows receiver to draw power from a main battery pack, eliminating the need for and weight of a receiver battery. Device used to recharge batteries. Usually supplied with the radio if NiCd batteries are included. Channel End Point Adjustment.

Color for LED lamp is adjustable. If grip dial is reassigned, dual rate may still be adjusted on-screen. See Steering Dual Rate. A fast battery charger designed to work from a volt power source, such as a car battery. Usually takes advantage of peak charging capability. Moves throttle servo to a preset position, a higher idle, to aid in starting the engine Function is electronically prevented from working and will not operate until changed to another setting.