The Official Home of God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) Department of Mathematics Seaman Neck Road, Dix Hills, New York, Instead of explaining the so-called GAGUT theorem, he goes about saying .. God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) or the Unified Field Theory or. The God Almighty Grand Unification Theory (GAGUT) proposed by Oyibo to unify . mindedness within the general philosophy of a grand unified theorem rather.

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God has revealed to us through GAGUT a new dimension of the criticality of breathing to life thorem longevity that focuses on the reality that the only time human beings are considered dead is when they stop breathing. This is how GAGUT demonstrates an extraordinary geometric elegance and an awesome simplicity in the unification of all of the force fields in the universe.

Physical applications of homogeneous balls Nr.

We feel that a lecture and discussion about the scientific and social implications of this theory would be beneficial to our school by broadening our academic and social awareness. Fraser Stoddart James Fraser Stoddart in-cites.

For example, Nigeria is being portrayed globally as a nation of scammers, particularly in the foreign news media. Sagan, “”Extraterrestrial therem Die Lebewesen sind seltsame Objekte. Another academic dignitary that attended the lecture was Professor Alexander Animalu, a Cambridge University trained mathematician and physicist, an author of a Cambridge University research classic that has been cited an incredible times, topping the Cambridge University Cavendish Laboratory most cited papers list.

Please write to me as I would like to know where I was wrong. They place him in the ranks of world-class scientists. Monod, “”Zufall und Notwendigkeit”” iii Habitable planets in the Universe: Hey Guys, I got info about this prof.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Well, what can I say? Thanks to all my colleagues at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, the Insti tute for Geophysics, Astrophysics, and Meteorology, and the Space Research Institute for helping me to manage all strange things appearing if you are working in science. Radical ideas need Radical review processes.


Oyibo submitted that it was Newton’s spiritual basis that helped his scientific findings. For me a truly refreshing aspect of GAGUT is its use of geometric solutions to define the concept of life, the soul and spirituality, and the representation of God as a creative as well as unifying force.

GAGUT therefore provides the provably exact understanding of everything. Have you forgotten what happened to Sir Boltzman, who first postulated the atomic theory of matter in the late 19th century? The legendary mathematician was honored by featuring a specialized group of selected Mathematics works in the Gauss celebration. Filling these percentages of these organs with water that is not DISTILLED WATER, like spring, filtered or tap water would be dangerous to life ,just like gasoline that is filled with sand, rocks, and other impurities would be dangerous to a car engine.

In case you don’t know him, he is a top Nigerian physicist.

G.A.G.U.T. |

MIT ; 4. We further gagkt that you share this information with at least 10 family members, friends and others and encourage them to attend the GAGUT Workshop and pass the information to others as well, within the Each One Teach Ten concept.

Professor Iya Abubakar, Ph. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. These suggestions or conclusions are based on the reality that GAGUT is the theorem or a provable truth of everything that says everything is conserved within a transformation process over space and time.

Subsequently I asked myself: I’m sure it won’t wash with me, because’ I really dislike maths. Our sorrow is tempered by our consolation that we see those Garabedian no nonsense critique or reviewer characteristics in the persons of Professor Enrico Bombieri, Professor Peter Sarnak, Professor Pierre Deligne and all of the others who we are inviting to participate in this proposed briefing. Game Theory Algebra Vol.


G.A.G.U.T. |

Was any support given? Before a further discussion of the planetary habitability it is useful to have an idea about the origin of life on Earth. Oyibo A valuable addition to your personal collection.

Oyibo was the editor of the monograph. Six of themes on variation NR.

The greatest minds and academicians all through the ages, searched unsuccessfully to find this absolute truth or secret code to the universe that we now call GAGUT. About 83 percent of our blood is gagug, which helps digest our tehorem, transport waste, and control body temperature. Y’all want to kill oyibo the same way y’all killed Boltzman? First off, let me say the link provided on this page regarding the US Intelligence review is an amazon affiliate link.

In making the discovery Prof.

Prof. Gabriel Oyibo (GAGUT Theorem): Mad man or Genius – Education – Nigeria

Pozzi famous Italian mathematical physicistA. Is there a temptation there? GAGUT therefore provides the provably exact understanding of everything.

MathNews is edited by Professor Umberto Cerruti, a very renowned mathematician. The third corollary of GAGUT predicts that there is only one stable building block for the material universe. Gagt of the knowledge and diplomacy of doing good citizen of Berlin mathematics… NR.