Results 1 – 29 of 29 The Psalms: A New Translation (Translated from the Hebrew and Arranged for Singing to the Psalmody of Joseph Gelineau) by Joseph. One of the more interesting ways of singing the psalms was developed by Joseph Gelineau of France. Of all the methods of singing the psalms. Someone might exclaim: “You also are doing this. We’ve seen your settings of the responsorial psalm!”.

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He was one of the founders of the international study group on music and liturgy Universa Laus. Joseph Gelineau, —, and Michel Guimont.

Gelineau psalmody | David T. Koyzis | First Things

Intellectual Retreats Erasmus Lectures. Each line has a prescribed number of accented syllables, even though the total number gelinau syllables varies from line to line. Howard Hughes, and more. How great is your name, O Lord our God.

Gelineau, Joseph, Birth Year: I would like to receive. Those wishing to hear more should obtain this exquisite recording, Psalms of Davidperformed by the Cathedral Singers of Chicago under the baton of Richard Proulx.

Gelineau psalmody

Now, after the liturgical reform, we have the responsorial psalm, whose rationale was to assure that the people could participate by joining in the refrain. Schwab and reworked the Jerusalem Bible Psalter.

On behalf of the entire Hymnary. Aujourd’hui, le roi des cieux. The musical settings followed four years later. Westminster John Knox Press. Twenty four Psalms and a Canticle. Unlike the chant-like verses, the antiphon is more like a short hymn -verse in a regular metre. As with the Guimont Lectionary Psalmsthis edition uses the Revised Grail Psalms—designated to be the official English-language Psalter used in future Roman Catholic liturgical books—throughout.


Among Protestants who are used to exclusive metrical psalmody, the responsorial style has the advantage of making a clear distinction between psalms and hymns. We’re behind where we have been in past years with this drive, and we are hoping to catch up a little between now and January 1, !

Worship, Fourth Edition – Guitar Spiral edition. But still we need to remember that this moment is a lyrical, poetical, musical meditation of the psalm. This new and versatile edition of Lectionary Psalms includes both Gelineau and Guimont psalm tones, offering increased variety in proclaiming the psalm for each Sunday, feast, and solemnity throughout the liturgical cycle.

Gelineau psalmody – Wikipedia

Gelineau was active in liturgical development from the very time of his ordination in Having entered the Society of Jesus inGelineau studied theology at a Catholic seminary in Lyon and music in Paris. Church music Psalms in music.

Proof of that is the number of times “My shepherd is the Lord” has been reprinted and reprinted in numerous funeral worship leaflets, collections, and hymnals. Gelineau psalmody by David T. Here is a description of this genre of psalm-singing from my Reformed Worship article, Straight from Scripture: Choral Vocal, Lectonary Psalms, Liturgical. The Gradual was a lyrical meditation on the psalmodic text and on a deeper level the topic of the entire liturgy of the day. When I compose responsorial psalms, sometimes I also find refuge in this easy escape mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!


Gelineau was himself part of the working group of the French Jerusalem Bible and he developed a revised version of that psalter which respected the rhythms of the Hebrew original.

Gelineau psalmody is better known in Roman Catholic than in protestant circles. Web Exclusives First Thoughts. Sign up for the First Things newsletter. Joseph Gelineau Full Name: Copyright Corpus Christi Watershed.

Parishes, their cantors, and choirs were well-equipped to sing the psalms when they embarked on the Gelineau psalmody. His influence in the United States as well in Europe he was one of the founding organizers of Universa Laus, the international church music association is as far reaching as it is broad.

Stay with us, Savior, for ev’ning is coming.

He collaborated with R. Daily Prayer Supplemental Liturgical Resource. Ancient Hebrew meter is somewhat like early English meter e. Worship, Fourth Edition – Pew without Readings.

Gelineau psalmody is often sung to the Grail translation, which was produced specifically for this purpose. Here are Psalms 23 and Gelineau’s translation and musical settings of the psalms have achieved nearly universal usage in the Christian church of the Western world.

So we had there the exaltation of the text, the flourishing of the words.