12 – Plug. Disk Plug. T. Plug, Seat Material. Actuator Size. A A2. A3. A4. A A6. B B2. Seal Tank. G1. G2. G3. DK. /OO. T. – Self-Acting Pressure and Temperatur Controllers by GESTRA – Flowserve Corporation. Pressure-reducing valve for use with steam and other fluids. Figure no. Description. GESTRA pressure reducing valve without auxiliary energy. Low pressure adjustable within the setting range while operating.

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Steam converters produce saturated steam for a secondary system of steam from steam or hot water. However, to obtain proper and uncorrupted analysis values, you require accurate sampling methods and also testing instruments that function correctly.

Plant planning and engineering is considerably simplified, and a great variety of data relevant to the plant can be rapidly transmitted. If the upstream pressure of the condensate is higher than the back pressure, UNA PK works in normal operating mode.

Proven flexibility now also for large nominal sizes. Our products have many practical applications and are used wherever steam is generated, distributed or used liquid and gaseous media flow savings in energy are possible, and operational reliability and environmental protection play an important role. Petrochemical plant – Rayong Geatra: Backflow preventer With screw sockets. Product features The benefits for you are clear: Cast iron Download Technical Sheets.

Steam Traps Monitoring Equipment. Features of the ZK series: Therefore, in modern production systems, working without automation and visualisation would now be unthinkable. Conductivity control – Monitoring conductive liquids for contamination by foreign matter that increases the conductivity concentration; conductivity monitoring signaling gesta display.

Gestra pressure reducing valve

A trap that is blowing live steam is the worst offender, but traps that are plugged or stuck closed can also be costly. Mechanism deaerating is provided to avoid corrosion damage to steam boiler plant.


Screwed sockets Body Material: Features of the MK series: Measured values are transmitted as standard signals or can be incorporated in existing controls by means of volt-free relay contacts, with no need for additional electronic control units.

Mixing coolers are blowdown receivers that cool hot waste water that can no longer be used for heat recovery and therefore is discharged into pits, drains or sewage systems. Suitable for small and large condensate quantities, irrespective of the counterpressure, duplex control system with automatic ventilation, simplex control e.

Gestra products and services provide a full line of steam solutions for all commercial and industrial applications where steam is generated, distributed, or used. Refinery plant – Conburi Gestra: Steam regenerators are therefore especially suited for sterilizing equipment in hospitals, steaming and drying chambers in the foodstuff industry, and for the production of distillates. Robust controller for the toughest operating conditions, insensitive against water shocks and frost, can be used as air vents.

Pure steam, without any contaminants that might be detrimental to health such as hydrazine, is produced. Detects the sound produced by steam flowing through the traps. Oil and turbidity detector continuous condensate monitoring of transparent liquids to detect any ingress of insoluble foreign matter causing turbidity, such as emulsified oils and greases. Thermostatic Steam Traps with Bimetallic Regulator Robust controller for the toughest operating conditions, insensitive against water shocks and frost, can be used as air vents.

Measuring of turbidity and signal evaluation for indication, recording and control. Flanged PN63 Body Material: Socket-weld endsscrewed sockets Body Material: Steam is used as motive power for the operating cycle that displaces condensate out of the trap body. Special Equipment and Vessels for Heat Recovery. Level controlling In condensate and feed water tanks, etc. Brass Download Technical Sheets. This way, there is no need for any complicated wiring of the sensor, feedback, limit values, valve controls, etc.


Alloy special steel for higer pressure and temperature combinations, Alloy special martensitic creep resistance F91 with wear-resistant titanium alloy nozzle stem and seat Download Technical Sheets.

Quko Int’l Group

Class to LB. Measuring and control technology consists of: Higher pressures and pressure sets are available on request. If the differential pressure is too low, the equipment works as cyclic condensate lifter. The desired steam temperature or required quantity of cooling water condensate is set by means of a temperature-controlled condensate injection valve, the temperature sensor of which is arranged downstream of the cooler and obliquely to the flow The atomization process is performed by finnozzles producing very small droplets.

GESTRA valves

Ultra-compact pneumatic design thanks to directly attached positioner. We offer our customers a full range of complete systems and intelligent solutions engineered to function with maximum reliability. Features of the UNA series: No accidents at work!

Click here for further information. GESTRA technology is tailored to your needs, offering you the right solution — be it conventional or bus-based.

In so doing a water seal is formed into which the internal tube is submerged, thus preventing waterhammer. Cookies allow us to provide our services. This unique market position is based on extensive experience gesrta over more than 50 years in the design and manufacture of high-quality safety-oriented control equipment. Screwed sockets, union butt-weld nipples Body Material: Contact our international Partners right now, to ask for an experienced Survey Service — Just early enough to ensure your productivity is on a top level gestrq all times season!

From the tank 581 condensate is pumped into the deaerator by level-controlled pumps. Petrochemical plant – Rayong Gestra: