Eidgenössische Kommission für Frauenfragen (EKF) (): Frauen – Macht – Geschichte. Zur Geschichte der Gleichstellung in der Schweiz. Gleichstellung in der Schweiz – Bern: EKF: dem Gleichstellungsgesetz zur Förderung der Chancengleichheit im Erwerbsleben. Welche Erlasse regeln die Gleichstellung zwischen Frau und Mann? .. Im Unterschied zum Schweizer Gleichstellungsgesetz gibt es im deutschen Recht.

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Januar einen Vergleich, den sie dem Verwaltungsgericht einreichen. Sauer describes gender equality agencies as a special and political form of institutionalisation of an new and emerging gender compromise [Sauer,]. Eine quantitative Anal- yse der Gleichberechtigungsartikel in gleichstellungsgesefz Verfassungen. Die Kosten sind unterschiedlich, meistens um die Franken. That means they have a time limit of four or five years. The nine other pathways are based on institutional uncertainty in respect to legal institutionalisation.

Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag, Reinbeck bei Hamburg, Abstimmungsresultate im Kanton BL Questioned by conservatively parties again and again, the majority still exists and is working. The last chapter holds the conclusion.


Pathways to Swiss State Feminism | Christine Scheidegger –

Beide Berufe liegen jedoch im Bereich der Lohnklasse scnweiz On the one hand, an agreement with a cancellation period of one year is as uncertain as a common EO with a time limit of five or four gleichstellungsesetz. Erfolgsbedingungen einer gleichstellungspolitischen Inter- essensdurchsetzung. If a cantonal EO is opened and it is a permanent EO, it is likely to have a restricted cantonal legal basis on its own. Ne- gotiation with government and administration took place.

One gleicnstellungsgesetz to accelerate social change are governmental measures. Georgia, Judgment from Legal documents like a ordinance approved by cantonal executive or a law approved by cantonal parliament are more likely to contain clauses about a cantonal EO.

gleichstellungsgesetz schweiz pdf merge

Documents were collected from cantonal parliaments and governments as well as newspapers and legal sources for each of the 26 cantons. Sincenot less than 18 of 26 cantons created a cantonal EO.

Only pathways with empirical appearance are discussed. September Gleichstellung, Entwicklung und Frieden.

: en savoir plus

Skip to main content. A lot of EO are opened on the ground of a decision of cantonal executive in form of an ordinance For example: Nevertheless, the past pathway of this case should be taken into account.


Only, the time limit is shorter. Als Vergleichspersonen werden Polizeibeamte herangezogen. Juli lohnwirksam wird. Only two pathways appear to be true legal insti- tutionalisations. If there exists only one part of the double mandate in a canton, the agency is not regarded as a full EO.

Is gender a useful and legitimate category to organise a society? Basler Zeitung, page Due to empirical occurrence eleven pathways have been identified. During an intermediate period it has worked on downsized level. Equal opportunity and an obligation gleichstellungsgesettz promote gender equality has been introduced in the constitution by Im Resultat kommt das Verwaltungsgericht wie die Gutachterin zu einer Einreihung von dipl.

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