a copy of GM Ziatdinov’s book, GM- RAM. It has around positions and games that he says make up most of the. Anyone here learn the positions out of Ziatdinov’s *GM-RAM*? Did it make a Grandmaster (or at least a master) out of you?. Wikipedia – Raset Ziatdinov My games- on internet. My Book – GM-RAM-Essential -Grandmaster-Chess-Knowledge Facebook- facebook with photos, friends.

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My Slighty Tattered Chess Career 3 years ago. So for example for a pawn on e3 the keysquares for the king are d5-e5-f5. Three of the rook diagrams are nonunique, so there aren’t really unique positions. Add a couple of comments on the positions, will it all become worthless with a little more effort izatdinov the author?

Chess Skills Social Media. Is there any evidence or science behind Rashid and his game memorization stuff? Study the games themselves, and work out whether the best moves were played. But now, I must confess, I am in doubt.

In the middlegame positions, the rationale for excluding the knowledge of who is on move differs. I’m stuck around on tactics trainer and ziatdinoov chess tempo and would like to continue improving.

Forums General Chess Discussion. James, I am wondering what you think of GM-Ram, now that you’ve had it for a few months. He doesn’t zitdinov you any analysis though, just the positions and games. You hit on one of my favorite topics The pseudo science of Chess improvement and the subset of that: Not everyone can be grandmaster.


Is possible? – beginner adult to Grandmaster

Following the positions, the full game scores are given. Show 5 Show All. So what to do now. I just wanted to know if there was anyone who had actually followed his recommendations and become a GM from it.

GM RAM Game Selection

Subscribe in a reader. Contains positions only, no analysis. Attack with Simple Moves. I think if you really want to become a GM you should seek one out in person at a local chess club and continue to find as many games with players as high as possible.

An extremely inept analogy actually considering that chess involves the mind where as olympic athletic sports involve the skeletomuscular system and the cardiovascular system. My Account Store Lost password.

After reading all the interesting and thoughtful comments here, I conclude that it is not mutually exclusive that GM-RAM could be an excellent book, but also the author is indulging in a bit of hyperbole when he says if you know all the positions cold you could be a Grandmaster “should be able to reach the Grandmaster level” according to Silman.

Home Articles GM Ram: Nevermind — that is not the case, of course, when the weaker king is on the back rank. October 6, at 1: Farbror the Guru Saturday, 13 February, ziatdinoov I’ve been trying to choose study games that also happen to be in my opening repertoire.


It forces me to think through the problems before resorting to the answer. The exciting part is, you have the road map, if you choose to follow it.

GM Ram: Ziyatdinov’s Theory

Certain of the games have more than one position included. But I’ve yet to get to the positional sections. The fact that your focus is on status pretty much demonstrates that you don’t have enough interest in the game for its own sake to excel so you might look for something which you zziatdinov more. I want this to on your blog home page and I also want to give you an award banner, so if you email me your email address it would be so kind of you.

James Stripes Friday, 05 March, Opening traps in the sicilian 4 years ago. Blue Devil, The book is more a study system than a collection of positions. Btw, I finally posted a progress update on my blog after months of inactivity. I regard it as foundational to my endgame study, but if you ask has it been ziztdinov to my game results?