Trollslayer: Introducing Gotrek Gurnisson, a dwarven Slayer sworn to die a heroic death and Felix Jaeger, the poet who’s sworn an oath to chronicle it. I. Gotrek and Felix: The First Omnibus (Warhammer: Gotrek and Felix) by William King – book cover, description, publication history. Gotrek and Felix are a pair of characters in the Warhammer Fantasy setting who appear in a . Gotrek and Felix first encountered her in Trollslayer when she was a little girl, the only .. (The first twelve books of the series, from Trollslayer to Zombieslayer, have been reprinted in four Gotrek and Felix Omnibus collections.) .

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Gotrek and Felix: The First Omnibus (Warhammer : Gotrek and Felix) by William King

And that is impressive when writing about elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, skaven rat-peopleand vampires. The concept of being true to one’s word and proving oneself through their actions are lessons I took to heart after reading about Gimli’s stoic honor in LOTR goteek many years ago. This is my first fantasy novels ever read and the absolute best! Felix, on the other hand, is a well developed character that continually examines his place in the world.

Namely the one focusing on the POV of Thanquol.

William King isn’t a bad writer, either, despite me never having heard of him and this being a RPG tie in. Felix jager and Max schirieber are genuinly compelling charecters, even the baby eating thanquol is disturbingly relatable, all and all while the book isn’t a must read it is a valuable addition to a collection. One thing that pleased me is that the setting seems to be more Eastern European based than most fantasy. I did like the fellx in this book and found them to firxt a quick and easy read.

Return to Book Page. Felix is a tall, slim figure that never wants to fight but will if forced to.

Gotrek and Felix

There they plan an expedition to find the lost dwarf city thought to be destroyed by daemons two centuries ago. Grey Seer Thanquol is one of the most recurrent enemies of Gotrek and Felix, a rarity in that he has encountered the pair more than once and lived to tell the tale.


Anyway, I understand, why William King has done such a thing. Surely this must be some demon in the bottle scenario where the previous owners were forced to sell it off cheaper than what they had purchased it for and I, as the most unlucky of souls, ended up the final owner of this cursed monstrosity.

Gotrek and Felix, the First Omnibus : William King :

They soon become friends and Felix eventually finds out that Gotrek is a Slayer; a dwarf seeking out a heroic death in battle to pay for a past crime. Aug 29, Skut L rated it it was amazing Shelves: I expected some omnbus extended universe schlock to sate my thirst for Warhammer lore after playing Vermintide. I only read the first book of the series, “Trollslayer” and liked it omnibuus I didn’t want to.

The short story composition is msotly discarded at this point in favor of a single epic work. Afterward the dwarf lord sentences Gotrek to an unnamed fate, at which Gotrek kills the Lord and his bodyguard and all others that do not flee.

This weapon was the Runemaster’s Axe of the lost dwarven fortress of Karag Dum, and supposedly previously belonged to the dwarven deity Grimnir. This book is basically short stories of that journey, it’s very formulaic. I mean, fiction based on a role playing game? Deals with the campaign by rat-men to take over the city Gotrek and felix are ensconced in.

Even if you know nothing about the Warhammer World, I think King paints a great picture of it for you, and you tend to learn as you go along, sometimes with the characters themselves.

Gotrek and Felix, the First Omnibus

But I don’t think it’s my first encounter with the Warhammer universe, I’m pretty sure my dad used to have it on the PS1. Max attributes this immortal state to various causes, from both Felix’s and Gotrek’s magical weapons, to some force encountered during their sojourn in the Chaos Wastes, to his passing through the wormhole in Sylvania.

This omnibus edition gives readers a unique opportunity to enjoy their first three adventures through the haunted forests, mountains and castles of the grim Warhammer world. The second part, Skavenslayer was really good. Destined to find a righteous death in combat for a past sin, Felix has promised to follow, and record the tale of Gotrek Gurnisson’s saga, and publish it for the world to see.


For background, most people are familar with the tendency of fantasy Dwarves for speaking something resembling a Scots-Irish brogue. One thing that pleased me is that the setting seems to be more Eastern European based than most fantasy. His inability to find the heroic end he seeks begins to take its toll after a time, and by the events of OrcslayerGotrek is becoming worried that all that remains for him is a pathetic doom against unworthy opponents like Goblins, or even worse, death as a result of old age.

I am more of an elf fan so that is no mean feat. Gotrek and Felix, the First Omnibus. One thing I like about King is that he tries to present the various peoples of Warhammer as more than one-dimensional stereotypes. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Kat full name Katerina is a young woman who serves as Felix’s current love interest. This book is a perfect entrance to warhammer fantasy imnibus its grim dark World.

The adventures of Gotrek Firstt, Dwarf Slayer seeking an epic doom to atone for gohrek past sins, and Felix Jaeger, down on his luck poet from Altdorf sworn to chronicle the Dwarf’s doom, are not only the most enjoyable titles published by Black Library, they are among the very best in all of fantasy.

Little does he realize how hard it is for Gotrek to die and the fearful events he will lead him through endangering not only Gotrek’s life but his as well.

Omnjbus is not good for the book, if you can predict the ending after 10 firts pages. The vision then shows Gotrek in the court of an unnamed dwarf lord, and Gotrek arguing with the said lord.