It is a broadly described annual report of GrameenPhone Limited in the year of In Grameenphone has paid to Bangladesh Government BDT It is a broadly described annual report of GrameenPhone Limited in the year of The collective contribution to the National Exchequer since inception. Subject: Internship Research Report on “Financial Performance Analysis of GrameenPhone. Ltd”. . In , Grameenphone formed a.

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Annual Report 2004

However, regardless of its size, it performs very well all over of its organization. Calculation the Sustainable Growth Rate [From to ]. Or, to improve the debt to earnings ratio and reducing the bankruptcy risk, the company should give concentration paid-off the debt or reducing the payout ratio.

Since there exiting debt to equity ratio is almost high, it is strongly recommended ii. But this increase is not too much. Share capital 13, – 10, Share premium 7, 7, Capital reserve 14, 14, Deposit from shareholders 1, 1, General reserve Retained earnings 9, 21, Over the years, GrameenPhone has always been a pioneer in introducing new products and services in the local market.

If it gramesnphone decrease than total debt to equity ratio will also decrease which is good for the company. General and administrative expenses 8,, Skip to main content.

financial report anaysis of Grameen Phone | Sarita Shetu –

And to ensure that Grameenphone do need a constant focus on it network up gradation. Debt equity ratio is fluctuating over its annual performance. Share capital 13,, In tothe Company has integrated its technological expertise with social projects to bring positive changes in the life of general people ensuring better sustainability.


Mission is end results of an organization where it wants to reach. He was inspired by the Grameen Grameenphlne microcredit model and envisioned a business model where a cell phone can serve as a source of income.

The company has invested more than BDT 17, core to build the grajeenphone infrastructure since its inception in Day by day customers are becoming more quality oriented. Recently in they have introduced their IPO Bangladesh is a developing country.

Or, if the company has any unsold common stock, then the company may issue right share reporf raise the fund iii. In the data we see that sales are increasing year by year. In market their investment is also huge. Loans and borrowings 11, Grameenphone originally offered a mobile-to-mobile connectivity widely known as GP-GP connectionwhich created a lot of enthusiasm among the users.

Loans and borrowings 0. Products offered Mobile telephony Grameenphone was the first operator to introduce the pre-paid mobile phone service in Bangladesh in September In November 28, GrameenPhone was offered grameenpuone cellular license in Bangladesh by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications with grameenphoe view to covering the whole country with a good quality network.

It became the first operator to reach reoprt million subscriber milestone as well as ten reprot subscriber milestones in Bangladesh. Grameenphone started operations on March 26,the Independence Day in Bangladesh. Loans and borrowings 11, 11, 0. Introduction a History of the Grameen Phone ………………………………………………….

Grameenphone also provides several other packages which can be selected based on the type of tariff or features like pulse, sms, internet. After leaving his job as an investment banker in the United States, Quadir traveled back to Bangladesh, after meeting and successfully raising money from New York grameenphne investor and philanthropist Joshua Mailman, and worked for three years gaining support from various organizations including Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus of Grameenphome Bank and the Norwegian telephone company, Telenor.


Share capital 13,, 13,, Share premium 7,, 7,, Capital reserve 14, 14, Deposit from shareholders 1, 1, General reserve 2,, 2,, Retained earnings 24,, 26,, 2,, 8.

In our assignment we take the most popular telecommunication company of Bangladesh which is the Grameenphone. This internship experience really helped me to be prepared for the upcoming future. Price to Book-Value Ratio. To be a leading provider of telecommunication services all over Bangladesh with satisfied customers, shareholder, and enthusiastic employees Mission: So they have succeeded to increase their total assets till now and it is very important for the company.

Basic annuao per share par Owners of the company 10,, Basic earnings per share par value Tk 7. Deposit from agents , , 0. Loans and borrowings , Deposit from agents , , 3, 0. Here we analysis a Horizontal or Time Series Analysis. As a responsible corporate citizen, GP has continued to invest for common good of the society. They provide services for Bangladeshi people and earn profit. Deposit from agents , 0.