Hallicrafters SX Serial Number H Here is the SX, as received. Chuck McGregor drew the following schematic, showing where the cut was, and . View and Download Hallicrafters SXA technical manual online. SXA Radio pdf manual download. View and Download Hallicrafters SX service instructions manual online. The Model SX Super Skyrider Receiver. SX Receiver pdf manual.

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Nowadays, all Hallicrafters enthusiasts agree with this definition. High Fidelity audio – so does the Super-Pro along with more audio power 14 watts vs the SX’s 8 watts. These SXs were installed in automobiles with a directional loop antenna on top of the roof. Probably to increase the gain slightly on Bands 1 and 2 to compensate for the single RF Amplifier on these bands.

If the slug is hopelessly stuck, try to equalize the error across the band using the trimmer adjustment. Remember, there are several variations in the manuals with different schematics and different under chassis layouts for alignment. Another very important document is the final inspection tag that came with each Hallicrafters receiver.

One should remember that the design of the SX is over 65 years old but in its day, its performance was equal to or in some cases better than the competition’s receivers.

A separate power supply is required and the HRO lacks a powerful audio section utilizing only a single-ended 42 or 2A5 on early models. Here’s a link to the article: When a poor condition panel is encountered and it is necessary to repaint, a good condition original panel is always helpful for comparison to available colors for matching.

This was standard for all communications receivers up to the time when product detectors came along in the mid-fifties. Small tube-count, inexpensive receivers were much better “sellers” than expensive sets like the SX and accounted for a much larger percentage of production hallicraftrs serial number assignments.


A commonly heard statement is that the ” Read the procedure on restoring an SX, in particular the section on rebuilding the RF hallicrafter, at Phil’s Old Radios link provided in references, bottom of page. This is a tight press-fit but if you support the pot body in a small vise, the rear cover can be removed by using a small flat metal drift and a small hammer. They did reply to my letter but made it very clear that no records or archives existed anymore.

Don’t use excessive brush pressure but the original paint is very tough and can stand up to this aggressive cleaning without any problems.


There is some evidence that the front panel paint color was changed sometime before the heavy textured panel introduction as at least a couple of SXs have hallicfafters with the bluish-gray-black paint on front panels with the light texture SNs H and H The anti-backlash gears all run on a single ball bearing which can be lubed with light grease applied with a syringe or other applicator that can get into tight quarters.

First, the frequency coverage is somewhat limited. However, most of the problem is caused by the user operating the receiver as a “broadcast radio” rather than as a “communications receiver.

This observation is based on a photograph that appeared in CQ magazine in the s. Latest SX serial number encountered: A stenciled form was applied to the condenser box with all of the treatment information including the year.

It has great a crystal filter for selectivity, which works wonders on either AM or CW, however few amateurs ever used it enough to appreciate it.


Military SXs, which are most of the receivers made between andsometimes have significant mis-adjustment in the tuning gears. Ham swap meet prices are at least half of eBay and often much less than that.

The Navy versions sometimes have different front panels that are wrinkle finish with a military tag in place of the ” the hallicrafters inc. These types of cleaners dissolve the ink almost immediately.


It is normal for the ANL control to be in the 6 to 8 range before noise reduction is apparent. Shown are the fiber boards that the coils mount to and the tube socket that is part of the coil assembly.

Antenna Trim control – neither the HRO or the Super-Pro provide antenna compensation requiring the 1st RF Amp on each coil assembly or band to be aligned to the station antenna for best performance.

Next is the bandspread which is only calibrated in a scale and only operates on the top three bands.

Hallicrafters SX-28

M odifications or Upgrades The SX is a great receiver – but it was designed in and, as such, its performance is dated when compared to a modern receiver’s performance.

I have owned one SX that had just the ANL mod installed and it is doubtful that the “modifier” was happy with the results. This photo shows a non-authentic reproduction dial.

The same applies to the ball bearings on the dial drive gears.

Later versions were built for FCC monitoring posts where several receiving stations would be in operation. Watch the height of the caps when mounting the replacements as clearance is tight. Having them all on-hand makes the job much easier. Consequently, SX and other “amateur” receivers accounted for less and less of the total production output.

A more reasonable production estimate, that seems to reflect how many SXs and SXAs are encountered today, is around 16, SXs and 10, SXAs for a total of 27, receivers produced. Remove the rear cover from the pot.