HEALING RAYS. BY. PRINCIPAL GEORGE JEFFREYS. (Founder of the Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance now known as the Elim Pentecostal. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. PDF | The life and work of the Welsh evangelist George Jeffreys resulted in the planting of two denominations in the UK between Nevertheless, because he had earlier experienced healing from facial Healing Rays.

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Showing how they were used in a wonderful way to Share the love of God, the Good News of the Gospel and were used to be the vessel which God used to save the souls of many, heal vast numbers of sick people.

Encouraging Christians to seek and receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit, to raya baptised in water by full immersion and look forward ray the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Learning from what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in the past, to inspire us for the how we han serve in present gforge future. Tuesday, 4 October Stephen Jeffreys Stephen Jeffreys was born and raised in the valleys of South Wales, in a typical minning home.

He went to work in the coal mines at the age of He led a very typical mining lifestyle until when the great Welsh revival invaded those mines. For several days he was under deep conviction of sin and very sad. Other men working with him had been converted and filled with geroge joy of the Lord.

Finally he came to Christ and became a totally changed man, he was aged That year Wales was filled with the gworge of God and new converts. Immediately he joined himself to Gods people, attending all prayer meetings and especially all open air meetings. He soon started preaching in the open air with great fire and passion. He continued working in the mines for some years as he became a witness and testimony to healnig. This is how God prepared His servant.

As far jealing Pentecostal things go, he had no time for them jeffreus even for a time preached against ‘tongues’. But later being convinced this outpouring was of God he himself days the same blessing of God. It was during special meetings, that he received his Baptism in the Holy Ghost accompanied with tongues. He had a mighty experience, and this made the difference in his life as a witness, he considered it an epoch in his life.

He was invited a second time to hold a three day Gospel campaign near Swansea in When he was leaving the mine to go preach he turned to a friend and said, “Well, Billy, if God blesses me this time, I shall never return to the coal-mine.

During these beginnings his brother George was found by his side in rrays. This was just the beginning of pioneer evangelism for him, he would enter towns where only a few people would turn up, but would pray, preach and persevere until a break came. But that changed the day a young girl diseased in both feet who was under threat of amputation sent for him to come pray. He anointed her with oil and laid hands on her in the name of Jesus, instantly she was healed and that night testified in the meeting.

Great faith came into his heart to believe God jfffreys greater things still. In men like Cecil Polhill and A. Boddy hearing about these early campaigns came to see for jefrreys. While talking personally with Boddy, these two Brothers made known their passion and burden to see the ministry of the Evangelist raised up in the young Pentecostal movement and to see it grow by soul winning.


As a result the testimonies of the meetings were reported in such publications as Confidence and of course invitations came to preach elsewhere. Stephen’s great burden was Wales, after holding a campaign in Llanelli, he decided to settle there, raise up a work and use it for a base for the next seven years.

Buy Healing Rays by George Jeffreys Online – Healing Rays Paperback: ID

During that time he would head of on short trips, often to struggling missions to help break ground. Shortly after he came to Llanelli, on a Sunday night in July as he preached, there appeared on the wall behind him as it were a vision, all could see it, only when Stephen finished preaching did he go and sit down and also saw it.

First it was a picture of a lamb which then turned to the appearance of the face of Christ as the man of sorrows. This lasted for about six hours with many hundreds being witness to it. Those who were at first sceptics tried everything to explain it but finally had to confess it was God.

Two weeks later he preached on Rys as the “Man of sorrows”, that week the First World War broke out lasting for the next five years.

In a powerful move of God took place under his jealing in Aberaman, when he arrived it was a fellowship of nine believers, when he left it had over believers.

Then to London at the invitation of Polhill and again God bore witness to His word with mighty conversions and miracles. Together with his brother they filled the largest and most famous halls in the land. In He was in Canada and America for several months of ministry with his brother, then back to Britain. In about He left Elim and became the pioneer evangelist for the young AoG, holding mighty campaigns throughout Britain establishing this new movement and giving it an evangelistic thrust.

He then took a world tour covering New Zealand, Austraila, south Africa and America arriving back in At this time his son who had travelled and ministered with him in the 20’s, came to the fore in the 30’s with the same ministry. This fearless and tireless, rugged preacher who was often said to be like one of the Old Testament Prophets, had worn himself out in abundant labours. Quite suddenly he came to a standstill with failing health.

Crippled with arthritis he spent his heailng days in his beloved Wales, preaching his last message just one month before he died in In those last days, friends and family stood grieved as they looked upon his form, frail and bent and hands twisted by arthritis which healiny were laid boldly on the sick. Truly he was known as ‘The beloved Evangelist’. It has a question and answer section at the back.

Healing rays

It is my option that this is one of the best balanced books on the subject of ‘The Baptism and Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Holy Spirit’. Digital facsimile, pdf, pp Alternatively should you wish to search for a hard copy of the book, I trust the following details may help. Stephen Jeffreys was a great British evangelist. Saturday, 20 August Did George Jeffreys marry?

Also do you know where his grave is located? Dear xxxx Thank you for your question. In answer to your first question helaing George Jeffreys did not ever marry, he did have a housekeeper who married after George Jeffries Died.


George Jeffreys (1889 – 1962)

George Jeffries had a policy of being totally sold out to the Lords work and some other members followed this policy, which allowed them complete devotion to being able to travel in the extensive way that they did around the UK and around the world. My Mother healinb George Jeffries housekeeper well, she was very protective of folk just turning up at his home in Clapham London.

One day Reinhard Bonnke turned up and was almost turned away except the Principle heard the conversation at the door and welcomed Reinhard Bonnke in and prayed for him. Monday, 4 January Stephen Jeffreys. The Beloved Evangelist Hardcover. The Beloved Evangelist Hardcover — Stephen Jeffreys was a great British evangelist and older brother to the eloquent George Jeffreys. A further visit in December extended to a seven-week mission reaping converts from the small village.

Thus began a dramatic ministry as a full-time itinerant evangelist which reaped thousands of souls and was confirmed by signs and wonders wherever he went.

Scores of young men caught the heavenly breeze and began to pioneer new works for God during this time of visitation. Outstanding miracles of healing occurred and a constant flow of converts were won to Christ. The link below will take you to amazon to buy a copy of this book hard copy whist stocks last. As you have seen at the lower part of this web page, I have spent many hours obtaining scanning and making freely availible pictures of the Jeffreys brothers and the meeting they conducted.

Many of these can now also be seen on Google images. I have not restricted there use so that they can be seen by as many folk as possible. During the last year I am of the belief that Elim have used some of these pictures.

Dispite this I have never been contacted to ask permission or given any acknowledgment. Elim have shared some pictures on their website using Instagram, Sadley this only allows you to view the picture. I have copied the following weblinks so that you can view them whilst they can still be viewed. You will see that some of the pictures are quite historic.

Some of the pictures can be seen in a Book produced by Elim celebrating years. I am sorry for not making the web sites below weblinks, I am sure you will see the large number of them would have taken a great deal of time. You will need open a spare tab next to this website and Copy each web address below and paste them into the address bar to access each picture. I cannot promise how long thses websites will be active as they have all been created by Elim.

Saturday, 7 November Discover the work of Elim in Scotland. Discover the work of Elim in Scotland As Elim celebrates its centenary insome of our church leaders in Scotland highlight how Elim churches are impacting their communities. Hear how George Jeffreys and his evangelistic band held a series of evangelistic crusades in various locations across Scotland that sparked a wave of healing, people hearing the gospel and coming to know Christ.

Over the following years, Elim churches were established and are transforming the region with the love and power of God. Watch the story of some Elim churches in Scotland, serving the people in their community in the video below.