Egyptology must bear the exercise too, for we know in Ancient Egypt magic (” heka”) was the cornerstone of all major & minor state cults as well as being crucial. The magical word of Heka could mean several meanings to many people. Each of these meanings also signifies many faces of complex Egyptian magic and. Introduction of Heka, How it is practiced, how rituals and spells are cast, Gods summoned and spirits invoked. Get to know Egyptian Magic today.

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Two barriers are discovered: Pharaoh became the son, brother and husband of the primeval sky-goddess Hathor and as such became divine. It is used as a phono gram with the phonemic value “r” to write words as “r”, meaning “toward” or to represent the phonemic element “r” in a word like “rn” or “name”. A major combination of Solar “heka” and Lunar sacred witchcraft was the ritual of “Opening the Mouth”, a funerary rite derived from temple ritualism were it was been used in the ritual of bringing statues to life.

Motivation Parapsychology prompts philosophy to reconsider the importance of magic and the magical. From the start of Pharaonic Egypt, this sacred power was assimilated by Pharaoh but incompletely. Moreover, in the Old Kingdom, the mother of the royal heir was his official consort and on the Palermo Stone the name of Pharaoh was directly followed by that of his mother.

The reed-floats of the sky are set in place for Herakhti. He was appointed judge, he was made overseer of all flax of the king, he was made ruler of Southern Perked and deputy, he was made local governor of the people of Dep, etc The proto-typical battle between Horus and Seth is one in which the feminine is totally absent.


Breasted, p. Trade and cultural relationships occasionally interrupted during the late Gerzean period by war Statues were similarly empowered. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Take up your hoe, shawabti, your pick, your demarcation pegs, your basket, just as any slave would for his master. His ba is upon him, his magic is about him, the dread of him is at his feet.

The Practice of Heka and Egyptian Magic

Conditions which exist before cognition itself like in Foucault are not introduced. The Ancient Egyptians considered Egypt as a staircase to the great heaven, by reproducing and redesigning a comprehensive map of the stars onto the great Temples on Earth.

These baboons are also represented on their hind legs with front paws raised in praise and greeting of Re. Isis was the mother of Horus, and as Pharaoh was the living Horus, she was regarded as the vital link between the pantheon and kingship. The schema is primarily a set of relationships, some of which amounts to a structure, generating pictoral, verbal and behavioral outputs.

In a series of steps, these evil influences needed invocation, so that they could be either exorcized or pacified, before they were cast off to the netherworld. They judge him using what they know of him.

In harmony with the writing practice of the Egyptians, older structures are mingled with new ones and many traces of earlier periods remained. In this way, several strands, levels, layers or planes of cognitive texture unfold.


Reverse Narmer is shown engaged in a ritual procession, with his name occuring twice, written with the same signs as on the obverse.

The actions of the “I”-form are objective states which are not yet self reflective. It compares with a medieval European university. Constructive abstraction, new, unifying grammatical and semantical coordinations allowed for the emergence of a total system and its auto-regulation or the re-equilbration caused by perfect regulation. Heka holding serpent staffs. This sky god, was represented by a falcon.

Heka–Egyptian magic | Tree of Visions

Contact Me Case Analysis. Magical statuary played an important role in the religious and magical practices of Egypt. Piagetian psychogenesis based on the observation of children shows that knowledge implies a developing relationship between a thinking subject and the objects around it.

This primeval goddess was the guardian of the sacred, the hidden, namely fertility, birth, creation, death and resurrection. He went to the temple of Khmun, [made his] offerings and his libations before Thoth, the eight-times great, the lord of Khmun, the great god. Pharaoh’s Great Word was spoken by a living god-with-usand hence Pharaoh’s “heka” was outstandingly sublime and greater than that of the greatest deities.

Thought is able to combine propositions. The magic of ancient Egypt He was “medw netjer”, the “word of the god” Re.