HeroQuest Glorantha – A Marvelous Roleplaying System The book includes everything you need to have to start a campaign in Glorantha: ba. The art of interacting with the Otherside through conscious interaction with myth. Contents[show] Canonical Quests For a discussion of what is and is not Canon. Glorantha and HeroQuest are trademarks of Moon Design Publications. . HeroQuest Glorantha is a roleplaying rules engine designed for play in the world of.

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Some of it is buried in old publications and fanzines which you can’t buy anymore.

A Noob’s Perspective on Heroquest and Glorantha

And that search will probably be fruitless because there is no perfect system. It fits my preferences of being rules-lite, narrative and versatile. I have to wait for the reprint in and can only buy the PDF version right now.

Moreover, it’s a bit confusing that Glorantha was once tied to Runequest and then later on to Hero Wars and then Heroquest. Moreover, the examples and explanations are cleaned up and streamlined.

A Noob’s Perspective on Heroquest and Glorantha

This game is way easier to learn from an experienced Game Master than by reading the book. In my book, that’s heroqueet good thing. Players have a wide range of different cultures to choose from with various backgrounds. Glorantha can be very intimidating for new players. The freeform Keywords make it easily adaptable to different genres without fuss. And he doesn’t know if he can get the Guide to Glorantha.


Hrroquest, it’s almost impossible to get the physical book in Europe I think only Finland has a store which carries it. You can buy the PDF, though. And the drawback of the vastness of Glorantha’s universe is that it can feel like quite a task to get a handle on it.

But for the players it’s a pretty straightforward system which gets out of the way during gameplay. For the Game Master called Narratorthere are some bells and whistles and a lot of tables which made it a bit confusing for me.

Heroquest | Glorantha Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Is Heroquest the perfect gaming system? It’s a game developed by Robin D. When I have a setting in mind, I just want to play and don’t want to fiddle around with adjustments.

Heroquest is admittedly a game for a certain type of player those who like abstract mechanisms and a focus on narration instead of simulation and for others it will probably fall short. What I particularly like about Heroquesr is the vibrant mythology, the omnipresence of magic as well as the absence of Tolkienesque tropes.


I ordered the Heroquest Glorantha rules from my shop in Germany, but the owner told me that he doesn’t have any news on when it will arrive. In Glorantha, magical runes play a huge hheroquest. Plus, for solo play it’s golden as it can be used to emulate the Game Master.

But all things considered, I’m glad that I took the plunge and I am looking forward to the physical books in ? Heroquest does the job I want it to do out of the box. I originally wasn’t interested in Glorantha. It’s a fantasy setting, what gives? There glirantha editions of Runequest e.

Also, I like generic systems. Examples are cleaned up and it’s more tied to the setting.

Also, there are minor translation issues. Here is a primer on Glorantha. The game uses conflict resolution instead of task resolution. Still, it’s a bit hard to master.