Apr 1, Reading Het groote tafereel der dwaasheid: An Emblem Book of the Folly of Speculation in the Bubble Year Frans De Bruyn. Frans De. Jan 1, Frans DeBruyn; Het groote tafereel der dwaasheid and the Speculative Bubble of A Bibliographical Enigma and an Economic Force. Yet, amidst this renewed critical attention, the largest and, arguably, most important Bubble text of all, the Dutch folio Het groote tafereel der dwaasheid [ The.

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Law, although undoubtedly a financial genius, was a victim of his inflated claims and also of his success. At this point, speculators resolved to take their profits.

File:Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid, Quincampoix of de – Wikimedia Commons

Lower right, near more bales of goods, a merchant offers money to Mercury, god of commerce. From the long-term perspective of the economic historian, for example, the outcome of the Bubble in Britain was considerably more beneficial than observers feared at the time. Bydebt conversion was the Company’s primary business. Law was granted extensive powers to exploit the Mississippi region – in French eyes the area of North America watered by the Mississippi, and its tributaries.

The Museum makes its collection grooote available to be used by scholars around the world.


One of a collection of prints bound together in two volumes c. An Economic-Bibliographical Studyp. The South Sea Co. Dan raest, dan woelt het, door dat vier. Book titles OR Journal titles.

The Great Mirror of Folly

The British government, like the French one, had managed to offload its debt, so it came out all right. Wat doet myn kop my zeer! Antique maps, old prints, Medieval Manuscripts, Auction and Gallery.

On a scroll below the medallion are the following lines: Naturally, the general bubble and its collapse in all three countries were fodder for much satire.

Contact Contact Us Help. With the loss of confidence induced by the failure of the French scheme, the share-price collapsed, falling to by November. Inhe settled in France, and soon came to the attention of the Duc d’Orleans, regent for the young king of France.

The general grotesquerie and the economic pointlessness of many of the Dutch “Bubble-companies” probably offended the Dutch Broote soul. Speculative bubbles – The First financial crisis. Despite the corrupt execution of the South Sea Scheme, its ostensible aim, the restructuring of the national debt, was ultimately achieved, and the country’s public finances were thereafter placed on a more honest and efficient footing.

Frank Knopers schrijft sinds voor Marketupdate.

Once the Company had taken over the national debt, outside speculators and investors became more heavily involved in purchasing shares. The entire work call number: Browse the digitized volume here. The principal recipient was John Aislabie, Chancellor of dwqasheid Exchequer.


The Dutch bubble, started in March and derived from the other two bubbles. The first political iconographer of the Netherlands and its first great caricaturist, De Hooghe was closely associated with William of Orange.

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: The share price dropped as dramatically as it had risen. Stop, for the vices which instigated you for this crime are already trampled on by me; they are Violence and Despair.

Als je de site blijft gebruiken gaan we ervan uit dat je dat goed vindt.

The Great Mirror of Folly – Marketupdate

Another man brandishes a string of fish on a stick and someone further back is an upraised hand holding a whip. The British collapse quickly followed the French one, but with less severe consequences.

He was an expressive master of physiognomy; and his original, lively style displayed the baroque fashion for spectacular and allegorical fantasy.