Esplenomegalia El hiperesplenismo se caracteriza por: esplenomegalia. disminución de cifras de hematíes, leucocitos y plaquetas. Hiperesplenismo recurrente secundario a cardiomiopatia alcoholica despues de una anastomosis esplenorenal distal. Warren L. Garner. x. Warren L. Garner. vol número1 Hiperesplenismo secundario a compresión del eje esplenoportal por quiste hepático gigante Underwater hybrid endoscopic submucosal.

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This increases the likelihood of achieving enteral autonomy while avoiding the need for intestinal transplantation 1 2.

Long-term outcome of home parenteral nutrition in patients with ultra-short bowel syndrome. Intestinal transplant registry report: Therefore, whenever possible, autologous intestinal reconstruction should be considered before intestinal transplantation.

The gastrostomy tube output ranged from 2. Creatinine clearance has remained unchanged from that observed prior to surgery and the liver function test is normal. A 25 year old man with extreme SBS on total parenteral nutrition TPN secondary to mid-gut volvulus at the age of 19 was referred to our center for intestinal transplant evaluation.

Hypoglycemia during the PN-free period necessitated I. Furthermore, tapering of the dilated intestine improves bowel motility, thus reducing the risk of bacterial overgrowth. The colonic mucous fistula was taken down and stapled with the construction of an end-to-side duodeno-colonic anastomosis.

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Despite meticulous insulin dosage management, the control of blood glycemia levels was extremely complex with frequent episodes of hypo-hyperglycemia. In summary, although this is only one case, the result obtained demonstrates the feasibility and effectiveness of duodenal tapering and lengthening as part of the autologous intestinal reconstruction armamentarium in adults with a dilated duodenum and SBS.


Long-term follow-up of patients on home parenteral nutrition in Europe: Glycemia control continues to be as difficult as that experienced before surgery. The time required on a parenteral pump has shortened from secundatio entire day to only 9 hours at night.

Tapering duodenoplasty and gastrojejunostomy in the management of idiopathic megaduodenum in children. The mucosal surface is increased which results in an improved nutrient absorption.

Serial transverse enteroplasty for short bowel syndrome: The patient developed acute renal failure hipperesplenismo and required hemodialysis for three months.


He is on a PN support volume of 1, ml and ml of I. In the present case, the need for a simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant was based secundatio the difficulty of diabetes control and problematic future scenario of adverse effects of immunosuppressors post-transplant due to chronic nephropathy.

The liver dysfunction was resolved via optimization of the parenteral formula.

In addition, the plasma citrulline level was Surgical treatment at the time of the intestinal catastrophe consisted of the removal of the fourth part of the duodenum, the whole jejunum, ileon and ascending colon.

Upper gastrointestinal series one week after duodenal lengthening and a duodeno-colic anastomosis. The patient was discharged in a good condition 26 days post-surgery.

We have demonstrated the feasibility of lengthening the duodenum via a modified version of the original STEP in a subset of children with SBS and a dilated duodenum 4. Prior to surgery, he had a history of 3 central-line infections and was colonized by multi-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae.

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hipperesplenismo Duodenal lengthening in short bowel with dilated duodenum. Nevertheless, the use of intestinal transplantation has declined in recent years due to the associated high morbidity and mortality that lead to poorer survival than that seen in patients on home PN 5 6. The length of the retained duodenum measured from the pylorus was 30 cm.


Duodenal lengthening was performed with 7 sequential transverse applications 5 of 45 mm and 2 of 60 mm of an endoscopic stapler Endo GIA Stapler, Covidien LLC, Mansfield, MA, USA on the duodenal anterior and posterior walls, respecting the pancreatic parenchyma as described elsewhere 4 Fig. In the present case, the pre-lengthening citrulline level had increased from Duodenal lengthening may be effective as part of the autologous intestinal reconstruction armamentarium in adults with short bowel syndrome.

The next firing was similar from the opposite side, creating a duodenal channel 3 cm in diameter. Similarly, the improvement in quality of life was questionable as the high gastrostomy output could result in a significant postoperative diarrhea following the establishment of the continuity of the intestinal tract.

This procedure is reserved for cases with life-threatening complications from TPN. Antibiotics were administered postoperatively for 3 days. Megaduodenum facilitates pyloric incompetence with alkaline reflux and dysmotility with stasis of intraluminal contents which may result in bacterial overgrowth and malabsorption. The postoperative course was uneventful. Aecundario, due to our prior successful experience with duodenal lengthening procedures in children 4the patient asked to be considered for duodenal lengthening.