Selling this Holfi Audis Integrated Amp, I’m rating it 8/10 due to age, still working but without box and manual. My price will be RM, location. Holfi Audis integrated amplifier (Cherry) | Sound & Vision, Home Audio & HiFi Separates, Amplifiers & Pre-Amps | eBay!. I bought the Holfi Integra after listening to several other amplifiers, both cheaper and more expensive than the Integra 8, including the “little brother”, the Audis.

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Help using integrated amp as power amp!

Sep 8 On close inspection you may see the odd insignificant mark show up with camera’s flash auvis, but nothing really of note please see pictures. Sun Feb 28, 3: Superb value for money.

Bidding has ended on this item. Show posts by this member only Post Google [Bot] and 3 guests. Fast, powerful and smooth sound, a little warm but very atmospheric. I compared it to my old Denon with 2 x W’s and it sounded like the Holfi had 2 X w’s comparing it to the Denon!

A very tasty slice of high-end at a relatively sensible price. Fluid and musical but upper bass is a little dry. They are both very well regarded integrates and found at decent prices on the used market. The A3 is a class leader in solid state design. I think I need to pay more than twice if I want to get noticeble improvement.


Add to Watch list. Well-specified low-feedback design gives punchy results, if a little unrefined.


Page 2 of 2. Oct 10 A bargain in almost every respect. An excellent performer with any music. It’s all about the music. A cracking looking and airy sounding valve amp, though low output means partnering with more sensitive ‘speakers.

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This post has been edited by abgzac: Maybe cables are all you need to get more detail out of your ? Hey Smitty, Keep your eye on the used market here and you might find a dealer demo Unico Primo like I did for audus very reasonable price.

Mon Dec 31, 2: Best integrated I ho,fi found for my Sttafs is a Sugden a21a. I realy like the Electro but I do not think I will change it for the Ayon after today sesion.

Excellent facilities and upgrade potential. A rock-oriented amplifier that can sound fantastic if it is carefully mixed with well-matched CD and speakers.


Difficult to beat at the price. The no-frills 60i offers a detailed and dynamic sound rarely found at the price. I’m too busy listening to music! Good value with plenty of excitement. Excellent material value for money. I bought mine unheard and because of very positive reviews online which is real risky, but in this case the reviewers got it right.

Oct 15 An affordable and effective entry into the valve sound. As you say it’s sounded brutal with the ML motions but you also say it sounded good in a previous post, what changed?

Not for all systems. Adept at handling subtle details.

This adis the revamped remote control model. Great looking hybrid amp with whisper quiet backgrounds, plus detailed and sweet midrange and treble. This is just pure sound for the money! And it ain’t about the sound.

Cld u gimme a recomendation on the cables plus jacks n everything, u cld fab for me?