French novelist Michel Houellebecq has acquired celebrity status in France and, increasingly, abroad as a well-established literary shock jock. Lesung mit deutscher Übersetzung durch den Schauspieler Harald Heinz Übersetzung während der Diskussion: Elisabeth Zenner [In. Plateforme by Michel Houellebecq, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Though Michel never quite admits it, they are blissfully in love. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

He also deals with careers pointing out how important seem to people and how many times if not always, deprave them from the meaning of life. We are the ones that put food to their tables and so houellevecq. It is for precisely these reasons that the end of this novel, a retelling of The Stranger, is so astonishing and incredibly beautiful–perhaps one of the most beautiful and poignant things I’ve ever read. plsteforme

Platform by Michel Houellebecq

View all 10 comments. Unfortunately, Houellebecq becomes hopelessly distracted by his incontinent love of sexual description. It was clever,perceptive but ultimately depressing. Have I said “pussy” enough times?

First, everyone else seems to have read it in English, and I do get the impression from Choupette’s comments that the English translation is poor. The scene where Michel admits to the other members of his group that he patronizes Thai prostitutes I found for example very funny, and his interlocutor came across as a PC idiot.

Michel is prone to flashes of pointless rage, hates pork butchers and Protestants. At this point, the reader realizes that the novel is in fact his suicide note.

They need money, we need sex. Almost every page we’re blindsided by something like: I thought that was quite interesting. The main character is Michel a government employee who inherits a large sum and decide to take a travel to find pleasure. Customers who bought this item also bought. Michel argues that European women are too hard on their men, who find Thai prostitutes less demanding company. platetorme

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Plateforme : au milieu du monde

It comes sudden, unannounced and is completely over the top. Views Read Edit View history. Reading this book was fun, in a kind of infuriating way. The Best Books of I liked holiday brochures, their abstraction, their way of condensing the places of the world into a limited sequence of possible pleasures and fares.

Or, they are highly successful in one or both of these struggles, can’t handle the pressure, then turn to self descructive plaetforme. I was particularly fond of the star rating system, whic Accepting dubious recommendations from the narrator of The Marbled Swarmwho perused a few pages of this in order to be able to appear to to have read it in conversation.

A change that could be radical but is merely subtle, enough, however, to offer him a fleeting glimpse of something that hoiellebecq happiness. It is decided that Thailand is the best location for the new clubs, with the advertising making it clear that Thai women would also be easily available. It’s as if little thought was given to the actual craft of writing, in the rush of putting forward the “controversial” content I can imagine Houellebecq’s thread of thought as being something like: Men live alongside one another like cattle; it is a miracle if once in platefomre while they manage to share a bottle of booze.

This is a love story by Houellebecq, however I felt he does not know what platefirme is, so why write a story about it? The protagonist experiences a certain enlightenment, which is somewhat different than Meursault’s. Lists with This Book. It has received both great praise and great criticism, most notably for the novel’s apparent condoning of sex tourism and Islamophobia. Platfforme blah blah I could go on and on. I think the reason why Houellebecq’s characters don’t feel sympathetic is that, whereas usually a character would feel remorse or regret about his dark sides, Houellebecq’s characters feel absolutely nothing.


Other books in this series. But is seems to be part of his literary project.

Throughout, Houellebecq’s modeling of pleasure is precisely matched against apocalyptic social forces that the protagonists are inclined to utterly ignore as much as obliviously provoke. And we are, in fact, fucked. Same here the writer is cynical, raw, eccentric in a way, but more than all, an absolutely realist, whether people want to accept it or not.

Some of these aren’t very tasteful.

In “Platform” Houellebecq examines the absurdity of human existence through a careful analysis of the marketing strategy of mid-market I admire how French intellectuals can look at the same fundamental issues of the human condition from so many different angles. But his main characteristic is his fear of Muslims. The tours are to be marketed predominantly to German consumers, as it is perceived that there will be less moral outrage in Germany than in France.

They know they’re doing it, houellebwcq the logic of the market means that they platfeorme feel they have any choice.