Find composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of Salve Regina, for chorus on AllMusic. Herbert Howells. Salve . Publisher Desc. Herbert Howells’ Salve Regina is set for SSATBB; O Salutaris Hostia for SATB a cappella. These Latin pieces have been edited by Patrick. Herbert Howells’ Salve Regina is set for SSATBB, O Salutaris Hostia for SATB a cappella. These Latin pieces have been edited by Patrick Russill. (NOV) .

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Salve Regina, for chorus

In einer Sendung aus Anlass seines Howells ‘ vision is gentle and ecstatic, pointed toward the promise of the prayer: Once a powerful professional organization with complete control over musical performance in the City, the Company has long been a philanthropic and ceremonial organization and now supports musicians and musical education, awarding prizes, scholarships and medals. Is it too fanciful to suggest that in responding to the shock that the whole world felt at the assassination of John Kennedy, a young man in whom much hope for the future had been invested, Howells found the motivation for what must surely be another memorial for Michael?

This website began in as a personal project, and I have been working on it full-time without a salary since Added at the request of John Dykes-Bower, the cathedral organist, it lifts this simple setting onto a higher plane. Jahre zuvor hatte ich es bereits im mittellateinischen Original vertont, als Vorstudie zum Hymnus Paradisi.

La musique de Howells sur le texte latin, qui date de environ, est un fragment incomplet.

Salve Regina, for chorus | Details | AllMusic

Your gift is greatly appreciated. It led to a lifelong anxiety about money and income, which was one of the reasons why Howells never relinquished his teaching post at the Royal College of Music and hardly ever turned down a request to sale or adjudicate at music festivals to risk earning his living by composition alone.


But these similarities are of course superficial.

Share on facebook twitter tumblr. But Howells seems to have had a particularly acute sense of the impermanence, the brevity and fragility of life. Many suffered such setbacks and came to terms with them.

We, not I only, found it overwhelming. Psalm statt wie Davies den Choice was settled when I recalled a poem by Prudentius AD — It is illegal to copy and distribute our reginaa material without permission. Please provide the translator’s name when contacting us. I was asked to compose an a cappella work for the commemoration. Copyright infringement is a criminal offense hoeells international law. Der Verlust eines Kindes hingegen ist immer ein schmerzlicher und tragischer Einzelfall.

Herbert Howells was acutely sensitive to the transience of life, having salfe the loss of friends and contemporaries in the First World War and encountered deep personal tragedy when his son Michael died of polio at the age of just nine. It is arguable that everything he subsequently wrote was coloured in some way by it. Jahrhunderts zu Anfang des The musical structure of both works is very similar. Januar schrieb er in sein Tagebuch: On the second hearing the Magnificat produced the same effect upon me as the N[unc] D[imittis] at the first; and the N.

As a student in London he lost friends and contemporaries to the carnage of the First World War. Der einzige Unterschied besteht darin, dass Howells den Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Howells lateinische Vertonung, die um entstand, ist ein unvollendetes Fragment. Streams Videos Hwells Posts. Fashioned specially for a building with a spectacular acoustic, consequently employing a less rapidly changing harmonic rhythm than would be possible in a less resonant building, this is a work in which Howells seems at his most confident and optimistic.


The words had been sent by his friend T P Fielden, director of music at Charterhouse, and the hymn, composed inwas originally called simply A Hymn Tune for Charterhousewhere it was regularly sung. None of the remaining pieces was specifically composed as a memorial, but everything on this disc comes from a mind that constantly reflected on the passing pageant of life, and is coloured by that process of reflection. Our research has never had any government or institutional funding, so if you found the information here useful, please consider making reina donation.

Herbert Howells Salve Regina O Salutaris Hostia Learn to Play Music Book

The only difference is that Davies set Psalm where Howells has Psalm Tot u smeken wij, zuchtend en wenend, in dit dal van tranen. I had already set it in its medieval Rwgina years earlier, as a study for Hymnus Paradisi. The descant to the third verse was a happy afterthought.

Four Anthems to the Blessed Virgin Mary were composed in the space of one week and sung at Easter in the cathedral. But the loss of a child is always regins poignant and tragic. Only this one and a Regina Coeli are still extant.

Three of the works recorded here, including the substantial Requiem for unaccompanied voices, are connected in some way to Michael.