Hp B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp B Calibration Manual. Agilent technologies HP B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Agilent technologies HP B Operating Manual. Refurbished Agilent / Hewlett Packard B Synthesizer/Function Generator with Frequency Accuracy – at Test Equipment Depot – PreOwned Refurbished.

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Replace any defective components. It may be necessary to find the best compromise between manuzl 2: Front panel display continuously lists any HP-IB signals that are low. Performance Test Troubleshooting Guide To obtain a part that is not listed, include: C slows the edges of the FAST sync to minimize reflection problems. Also check the harmonic distortion performance test. Amplitude Flatness Adjustment 3Vp-p Pad.

HP 3325B Manuals

These circuits have their own regulators, which are active at any time ac power is connected to the instrument. If there is no signal, troubleshoot the preamplifier section. Control Circuits Service Group C. With an oscilloscope, check the reference pulse signal at A21U1 pin 1 1. If the VCO operated at Note that the voltages should remain the same. Measure the frequency at each of the following points in order, and determine the relationship to the VCO frequency at W3 step d.

Internal Modulation Source A built-in programmable modulation source provides sine, square and arbitrary waveshapes for internal amplitude or phase modulation, or for use as a second source. It includes a number of current sources, and the circuits which develop the square wave, triangle, and ramp functions from the sine wave. K4, swit K3 control the output signals attenuation. The output is high at the start of a sweep up, then the Sweep Limit Flag input goes low at the Marker frequency, changing the flip-flop output to low.


Frequency Synthesis The processor reads the data from U The mixer output signal leaves the A3 board and enters the A14 board as a current via cable W Measure voltage level at A3U18 pin 9. If not and with W23 disconnected at A3J23, measure the voltage at the following points: If not correct, check A21U32 and A21U27 for signal transitions at the input and output pins.

The highest address must be written last to initialize the Start Address Latch.

If a voltage measured in step g is 325b of tolerance, repeat the amplitude flatness ad- justment with the at both lOVp-p and 3Vp-p until all voltages are within tolerance. Calibrates all functions, then inhibits further calibration.

Paragraph contains an index of the circuits and the service groups in which they can be found. NOTE Table lists the adjustment procedures that must be performed after repair of certain Remove the plastic trim strips from the top and the bottom of the front frame by prying up with a small screw driver or similar tool in one of the manula near either end of the strips.

Lift R and R at their junction. This test can also troubleshoot an incorrect display, inoperative keyboard, or FAIL If still bad, 3325 to Service Group H.

Agilent Technologies HP B Manuals

Output Amplifier Service Group K If the janual is present at only one end of the fuse, replace the fuse. Also included is information on recommended modifications for improvements to earlier instruments. This should be at a TTL high level. The spectrum manial should display the high level odd harmonics and low level even harmonics of the 10 MHz square wave. As seen in Figurethere exists a feedback path through the processor.


The A14Q amplifier circuit supplies sine wave current to the output amplifier.

It multiplies the waveform by the amplitude value that U latched on to. Set the frequency to 1 kHz. The Over Voltage Reset button on the rear panel must manuap pressed when this happens.

This signature indicates whether the correct data was present at the measurement point, and this information can be used to locate a defective component. Now let us look at a more detailed diagram of the phase detector block Figure Short each pin of the HP-IB connector to pin 24, one at a time, while watching the display.

Document Outline

Its output stage is protected against excessive current by a 0. Following a single sweep, the X Drive ramp remains essentially at lOV until reset prior to the start of another sweep.

Digital-to- Analog Converter If pin 7 of A21U33 is positive, and the signal at TP9 is always positive, the trouble is probably in the -i- N.