Tutorial on how to install and configure htDig search for your web site. The Linux Information Portal includes informative tutorials and links to many Linux sites. WWW Search Engine Software. Contribute to roklein/htdig development by creating an account on GitHub. Htdig retrieves HTML documents using the HTTP protocol and gathers information from these documents which can later be used to search these documents.

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If they don’t have hrdig problem with you indexing their site, they shouldn’t mind setting up a User-agent entry in their robots.

You can find out about the latest version by reading the release notes. Both search and result pages can be extensively customized in the ht: This happens when htsearch dies before putting out a “Content-Type” header. By default, Apache is usually configured with one cgi-bin directory as ScriptAlias, so all your CGI programs must go in there, or have a.

Current versions of ht: This database, together with information on the URL associated with each document, is created every time you request a re-indexing of the site, and is merged with the results of previous index runs to create the foundation for the search engine.

Andrew no longer does much work on ht: Building An Index ht: In the html document that links to the search, you specify which configuration file to use. There are also slightly different limits to each of the programs.


Site Search with HTDIG

If you change the search. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. See also questions 5.

There are a lot of them, but chances are there’s hteig that might fit your needs. Whether reporting problems to the bug database or mailing list, we cannot stress enough the importance of always indicating which version of ht: What’s the latest version of ht: This also raises the questions of why two different methods of indexing PDFs are supported, and which method is preferred.

To search for words in the body of the text, use “text: The documentation for the most recent stable release is always posted at www. You’d then need to reference that environment variable in header. You can install vixie-cron As of yet, there is no way to change this factor. So, counterarguments to this policy are rather moot, and it would be better not to waste any more mailing list bandwidth debating them.

A quick fix for the problem is to change the first line of rundig to “! For any of the scoring factors you can configure, and which are used by htdig, you will have to reindex your documents so the new factors take effect. In version of htsearch before 3. This bug is fixed qnd version 3. You can save yourself and others a lot of grief by being certain of which version you’re running, especially if you’ve installed more than one.


ht://Dig — Internet search engine software

See also question 2. For the restrict parameter, this is a problem, because htsearch won’t likely find any URLs with two spaces in them. That depends on whether you want to protect certain parts of your site from prying eyes, or just limit the scope of search results to certain relevant areas.

Creation Submit a new entry Create a collection. Assuming your configuration file is htdiv cc. There probably isn’t ntdig indexing tool in existance that follows JavaScript links, because they don’t know how to initiate JavaScript events.

An alternative is to use an external converter with the xpdf 0.

You should always check which version of ht: If you set these three attributes to true in your htdig. There are also slightly different limits to each of the programs.