IBM 7014-T00 PDF

Learn about the supported feature codes that are available for T00, T42 and racks. T00, T42 or racks can be bolted together in a multiple rack arrangement. This figure shows that arrangement. Racks can be heavy when populated with several drawers. Use the Weight distribution distances for racks when loaded and Floor loading for.

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Next 2 will be mounted horizontally in the rear of the rack, and will occupy 1U of rack space for each PDU. Two or more Junction Boxes Minimum required: No left and right weight distribution distance.

Indicator or rack space utilization Minimum required: The wiring from the installed equipment is connected 7014-f00 the PDP using either single or double lug terminals that connect to the double lug studs in the PDP, double lug two hole terminals recommended. They are painted to match the overall rack color and present an attractive appearance. Do not increase the quantity of the line cord specify code.

IBM 7014-t00 36u Server Cabinet

It is hinged on the left side so it can swing out of the way for easy access to the rack drawers when necessary. When is ordered, the power cord includes a waterproof connector. The available Uninterruptable Power Supply U33 requires one of the following features,or for each U33 installed. If optional ruggedized rack feature number is installed a tool will be required to remove the bolt used to secure the side cover to the rack.

There are numerous anchor points formed into the frame where cables can be tied down for strain relief. Without this hardware, the unsupported end of the PDU will rest on the hardware mounted immediately below it. PDU to Wall power cord Minimum required: The 30 Amp connection requires a 3 pin cable, 2 per system, 4-Max. Maximum Weight of Drawers is kg lb. Use the Weight distribution distances for racks when loaded and Floor loading for racks when loaded tables to ensure proper floor loading and weight distribution.


Up to 2 additional PDUs can be installed horizontally in the rear of the rack, in the space that is normally used for rack-mounted drawers. The standard color is black. Each power source supports up to 8. Weight distribution areas cannot overlap with adjacent computer equipment weight distribution areas. Indicator of 2EIA rack space utilization Attributes required: Post the item for sale on eBay 7.

These are generally not easily accessed and therefore IBM does not generally recommend their use. Many and tape libraries may interfere with the front door of a T00 rack. Rack noise levels depend on the number and type of drawers installed. Feature and 2U rack space Minimum required: Indicator of rack space utilization Minimum required: Does not apply Rack Indicator, Rack 3 When added to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the third rack for a multi-rack order.

IBM t00 36u Server Cabinet | eBay

Either feature may be installed on a T00 rack, unless 7014-t000 rack contains a igm MMA system. Does not apply Rack Indicator, Rack 13 When added to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the thirteenth rack for a multi-rack order. This feature supports up to two Model H70 systems. This can be used with MTM machine type model rack such as a T42, not a feature code rack such as a bim A suite of racks with a quantity of N racks joined together would typically require a quantity of N-1 rack suite attachment kits and two side panels to cover the two ends of the suite of racks.


N” indicates that the feature is not supported on the new model and must be removed during the model conversion. Orders Comparison list Wish list Track my order s. This unit is the same as the jbm unitand it provides nine C13 power outlets.

But the front of the PDU will be unsupported toward the middle of the rack. Unlike previous PDP’s such asthis feature is built without attached power cables. Two RJ45 ports on the front of the PDU enable the client to monitor each receptacle’s electrical power usage and to remotely switch any receptacle on or off.

Location 7014-0t0 the system components drawers within a rack according to the Clients documented request. A rack can not have both a front door and a trim kit.

IBM data rack cabinet

With an A Series by your side, there’s never a dull moment. Select the most appropriate of the 20, eBay categories 6. Features – No charge. Rear brace, bolt down hardware, bolt in front filler panels Attributes required: FC acoustic doors, front and rear.

None For C3 Minimum required: