The iManager U inherits all the functions of the original T, N BMS, and DMS systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment. OBN iManager N BMS Introduction ISSUE CJH, CJH, iManager N BMS Advanced Operation and CJL, CJL, iManager N BMS Operation Training (MSAN),

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By notifying the related personnel of network faults through the SMS or email, the U effectively ensures the normal running of the network. You can adjust concatenated timeslots and optimize higher order pass-trough. The HA system Veritas hot standby can also be configured in the distributed mode. Through the related test cases, you can use test diagnosis tools to quickly identify fault causes and rectify network faults, thus ensuring network stability.

In this case, you can right-click imanagfr NE icon and query the current alarm of the NE from the shortcut menu. Monitoring Network Performance Through network grouping, you can view the performance data of devices, interfaces, IP links, L2 links, static tunnel, dynamic tunnel, and tests on imanaged same network.

The Bmd connects with ijanager devices on the managed network through the DCN that is made up of other devices. Power Consumption Management By using the U, a user can perform the following operations: The alarms in the topology view are displayed by two methods: Software library management The system supports the ability to manage NE software.

iManager N2000 BMS

You can set the U to automatically synchronize the NE time by specifying the automatic synchronization period. You can dynamically adjust NE power consumption to achieve environment protection and energy conservation. This n200 is drawn after the tests under a certain environment and objectively reflects the actual management capability of the U After the user confirms the event, the optical amplifier boards at the upstream and downstream stations reduce their output power to a safe value to prevent the fiber maintainer from being hurt by the lasers emitted from the cut-off fiber.

The threshold bmx be divided into crossing threshold and defect threshold. In this manner, you need not perform basic configurations on the NE again. Submarine Cable Line Monitoring You can monitor imanagre test the status of fibers and repeaters, analyze the test data, to monitor the working status of a submarine line system and locate faults.


NE database Back up the NE data. For easy description and calculation of the management capability, the concept of equivalent NE is defined so that NEs of different types or a number of ports can be converted to equivalent NEs by an uniform criteria according to the system resources required by them.

Wavelengths cannot be groomed dynamically. Provide flexible customization of scheduled tasks to reduce operation and maintenance costs. Its service life can be prolonged by decreasing the duration during which laser is on. The creation of global templates is irrelevant to the device status.

In collaboration with centralized security policy configuration, it provides an integrated and comprehensive network security management solution. During the discovery, you can cancel the discovery at any time. In addition, the iManager N BMS supports automatic upgrade of the entire network in batches, and user safety control.

Table lists the PTN service interface types that the U supports. To minimize this effect, a negative DCM is used in the network. Thus, next time when you query alarms that meet the common conditions, you can use the template directly without setting query conditions again. The password rules involve the minimum password length of common users, minimum password length of superusers, and maximum password length.

Huawei iManager U Price Manual Specification Certification —

Database management includes the management of NE and U databases. Alarm topology When an NE reports an alarm, the icon in the upper left corner of display the NE in the topology view varies with the alarm severity, or the NE icon in the topology view can be in different colors according to the alarm severity. The U can send notifications to the related maintenance personnel for locating faults regardless of the time n2000 place, which ensures that the faults are troubleshoot in time.

It provides intelligent configuration and monitoring means. Instead, the U records the reference relation between the device and imanaget template. When threshold the performance event count value exceeds the upper threshold, a performance threshold-crossing event is generated; when the performance event count value is below the upper threshold for a period of time, the performance threshold-crossing event is ended.


The U allows you to configure electrical cross-connections to control service flow in the electrical layer. You can set to periodically disable certain NE functions that may affect services, such as loopback and ALS. Then, you can calculate the number of equivalent NEs in the transport domain as follows: In addition, engineers must strictly follow the guides.

Alarms are synchronized according to the following rules: You can set the interfaces of environment monitoring. Complying with multiple standards, the U has good expandability and reusability.

The U supports configuring single-hop or multi-hop BFD detection. This helps users to manage and audit services from the point of networkwide view. Network convergence requires network management to be consolidated. For the previous two modes, a user can manually control whether to enable the ALC function.

In addition, you can save alarms in the. Alarm acknowledgment helps you to identify a processed alarm. Node Node is one of the topology objects and the minimum unit that represents the device displayed on the topological view.

In addition, you imaanger query the alarm status, refresh the status in real time, and query the details of an alarm in the alarm activation window. Figure depicts the function and feature of external interface. Schedule Task The report on imanagdr task that is generated at a interval along with the periodical running of the schedule tasks.

The HQ has requirements of communicating with each branch and accessing the Internet.

There are three kinds of loopback modes: A GUI in the U, which reflects the immanager structure. For the U VRC01, the following issues occur on the live network: