In Xanadu [William Dalrymple] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is an account of the quest which took William Dalrymple and his. IN XANADU [William Dalrymple] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The author recounts his experiences as he retraced the route followed. At the age of twenty-two, William Dalrymple left his college in Cambridge to travel to the ruins of Kublai Khan’s stately pleasure dome in Xanadu.

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Antony and Cleopatra Old Favourites: The book finds Darlymple tracing the epic journey of Marco Polo from Jerusalem to Xanadu in Mongolia, to meet the then king, Kubla Khan, who is the third generation descendent of Chengiz Khan.

Best for armchair travelers even before the Rough and Lonely Planet Guides were published It lacks a lot of the reflection that I’ve come to associate with him, and a lot of the humor was really unpleasant. Read it Forward Read it first. Eager to be a success, Dalrymple’s attempts to make people laugh comprise of mining the Englishman’s guidebook to stereotyping the rest of the world.

There’s not much I can add to the various puffs you’ll find associated with the book, but I did find myself subconsciously adapting some paragraphs to my own travels: William Dalrymple gets a grant to follow the footsteps of a great Italian merchant,Marco Polo, who was one of the first Europeans to travel through Asia.

In Xanadu: A Quest by William Dalrymple

The modern day adventure seems more dangerous than it may have been for Marco Polo who as a merchant traveled the then well supplied Silk Road with its caravanserai dalrrymple inns.

To do this he had to pass through Israel, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China, visiting some of the most important and memorable sites of antiquity on the way.

Full of entertaining anecdotes, colorful characters and challenges. Open Preview See a Problem? Dalrymple travels with two women: Despite the greater background context and the research put into the building it, the book lacks a human perspective, with stereotyping and a certain condescension towards the various locals he meets and even befriends showing an unwillingness to engage with the very places whose history he holds in such wonder. Looking for Alaska Edinburgh Fringe For the first half of the trip he is accompanied by Laura, whom he met at a dinner party two weeks before he left; for the second half he is accompanied by Louisa, his very recently ex-girlfriend.

Sometimes less is more here, and it’s well paced and fairly succinct. I wonder, sometimes, if someone were to write a travel book about the West in an equally disparaging and patronising manner, would it get published?


I used to like Dalrymple. Sep 07, Abdost rated it it was amazing.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The blurb hails Dalyrmple as the new Theroux, now I’ve not read any books by Theroux but even if he is nearly as good as Williiam Dalyrymple, I reckon I’ll give him a shot.

He then immortalized his journey in The Travels, which later became one of the most detailed pieces of travel writing ever completed. Books by William Dalrymple.

Part of it is to be undertaken with a formidable Ex-Oxford hockey player he has barely met, but who conveniently agrees to fill in as his now Ex-girlfriend flakes out, part of it is to be undertaken with same Ex-girlfriend, who, apparently reconciled with the ex-relationship does not mind so much riding on the back of a coal truck with William and receiving killer syringes up her arm, if only she can willam her new love in front of him, and affair which, as William grudgingly accounts, is celebrated in sheafs of letters of a thickness he himself could never hope to receive.

Dalrymole enjoyable book contains a lot of architectural descriptions and notes from Damascus in Israel Gate to Xanadu, China William Dalrymple traces the journey of Marco Polo when he ventured to take the Holy Oil from the Holy sepulchre to the the then magnificent summer place of Kublai Khan.

In Xanadu: A Quest

The journey was taken on a multitude of types of transport and lasted for four months. Little vignettes — like that of a very helpful Turkish innkeeper, a mullah at a bus station in the Iran-Afghan border, and a persistent Chinese saleswoman, known simply as Ms.

May 11, Lianne added it. Aug 08, Antara rated it really liked it. In Xanadu is about our author, William Dalrymple’s journey. Tinges of humor and some commentary on the social conditions places he visits add flavor to the text. The strength ealrymple his narrative willizm between past and the present is clearly his super power.

All of which evidences the depth of research Dalrymple undertakes when writing this book. William Dalrymple’s first work, In Xanadu: Because I am a fan of xanadj literary travel memoirs, I picked up this book at a library book sale.

His own travels also take him well off the beaten track such as when searching for carpet weavers in Kayseri and silk farms in Osku. Thatcher is a tyrant supposedly to be overthrown tomorrow already, maybe, or whether he interrupts an animist ceremony and is about to be lynched by willlam angry mob of tribesmen.


Book Review: William Dalrymple – In Xanadu: A Quest

Aug dalrymplf, Adi rated it liked it Shelves: Like all travel writers, the year-old Dalrymple was trying to be Patrick Leigh Fermor who chose this as his book of the year – it was a brilliant adventure to recreate Marco Polo’s journey from Jerusalem to Kubla Khan’s Xanadu, with two different girls for each half of the route the memorable Laura went on to become a top business dalrymlle. Dalrymple entertains with his British wit, colorful portrayals, sense of adventure and caricatures of his fellow travels.

History claims that the Khan had contacts and was a believer in Nestorian Christianity.

Jan 17, Sean Mccarrey rated it it was amazing. Often highly descriptive, Dalrymple’s writing, with his eye for detail especially when it comes to architecturehelps drive the narration and often makes what is ultimately a personal account rather compelling storytelling. Xanaxu classiness – also meant the other way – the travellers are about as Oxbridge as one can get, not only has Laura wielded her Hockey Stick for Oxford, and is it one of William’s greatest worries that the Cambridge term is about to begin as he’s trying to sneak his way past the Chinese Police to the supposed location of Xanadu, also wjlliam his Ex’s new boyfriend been to Winchester of xajadu The book, which was written when the author was only 22, received rapturous reviews and won numerous awards, and established Dalrymple as a major new arrival on the British literary scene.

While he dalrumple puts across messages like how European girls are the only girls worth calling beautiful etc. I recommend this book for somebody who likes to travel and has an interest in history. During his journey he visits some the most important and memorable sites of antiquity on the way, something which is, according to Dalrymplelacking in Marco Polo’s “The Travels”.

Sep 05, Sonia Gomes rated it liked it. In willlam first book, the then year old Mr. Quotes from In Xanadu: This is a genuinely true rendition of Polo’s journey, only missing part of the journey between Yazd in Iran to Tashkurgan in Western China as a result of being unable to travel through Afghanistan due to the ongoing war and dalgymple.