InDesign includes a semi-autoflow method of threading text frames, which incorporates a few automatic shortcuts but varies only slightly from the manual method. Just do the one step and InDesign will do the other automatically at the same time. InDesign has autoflow, but also several other methods of flowing threaded. Subject Descriptors: InDesign CS5, Smart Text Reflow, Limit to Master would press Shift to autoflow the entire story and add pages as necessary. You will notice that unlike CS3, there is no overset in the corner of your.

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Open the “File” menu and choose “Place” to bring up the Place dialog box.

Please enter a title. Tips To fit your text into a series of linked boxed that don’t fill your pages or columns and still take advantage of autoflow, you can use the semi-autoflow method to create text frames in specific places on your page, then switch to the autoflow method to fill the remaining pages and add more as necessary. If additional text remains unplaced, click on the red overset mark on the out port at the bottom right of the last text cd3 to reload your text cursor.

Thanks for helping out. This causes InDesign to have overset text, and not being able to auto-flow the text.


How to autoflow a very long word in InDesign? | Adobe Community

If you change your mind and don’t want to place a file, press the “Esc” key to unload the text cursor. Dicretionary hyphens only appear when the word breaks at the line ending. Why don’t the words break at the hyphens? Perhaps they aren’t true hyphens?

I would prefer to solve the problem wthout adding extra hyphens. Is there a problem if these words are hyphenated? All the long words apart from one already have hyphens in them. Thanks in advance for both your time and help.

You can repeat this nidesign process as many times as you want until you’ve placed all your text. I don’t know why ID cannot work out that it should break my long words at the hyphens. Adobe InDesign’s autoflow could fill all the pages of the two-column layout of this ds3. Warning Text that fills numerous columns and pages when you place it may occupy more or less space after you style it in your desired typeface and size.

I had dashes in my text not hyphens.

Accessed 30 December I should have explained this better. I have a lot of places in the text where I have these long ‘words’, and I would like to avoid too much clicking and inserting to get around this issue.

InDesign CS3 Shortcuts: PC

Depending on how you’ve designed your project and how much text you need to place, autoflow can autodlow your workflow. You can not post a blank message. Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Hold down “Shift-Alt” as you click to add text, triggering InDesign’s fixed-page autoflow method.


Hyphenation is a paragraph level attribute, so it can be found inthe panel menu for the Paragraph panel or the Control panel when the Text tool is active, or it can be turned on or off in the paragraph style assigned to the text, which is probably the best place to do it. How do I turn hyphens ON? The number of characters in each ‘word’ is important, and if I start adding extra spaces or end-of-line charecters it would change the ‘words’. It looks like I would need to turn hyphens ON, and insert a discretionary line break.

I have to say that some screenshots might be useful, too. References 1 Autoglow Systems: I get the little red plus indseign below in the last text-box, that indicates that I have overset text. My suspicion is they are, in fact, non-breaking hyphens, but I’m hoping the OP can shed some light. If you change your mind about changing your mind, undo your undo and regain your loaded text cursor.