Definition of mobile WiMAX basic parameters. Saves the file, type defined by the extension. Remote Command. FSAVE△’file_name’. Technologies: Ethernet (wired) or WiMAX (wireless). □ WAN: Wide Area Network is a CN that covers a broad area,. e.g., cross metropolitan, regional, or national. An Introduction to Computer Networks, Release .. ( Multiple Spatial Streams) and LTE ( WiMAX and LTE). Wireless LANs are.

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In recent days, the wireless communication technology has become an integral part of several types of communication devices as it allows users to communicate even from remote areas. These bands are sometimes unlicensed.

Common devices such as garage door openers, baby monitors, certain video game consoles and walkie-talkies make use of wireless technology. A wireless router is used in many houses to connect their computers to the Internet.

The radio system is one type of wireless data transmission, and it is a wireless media that transfers data by carrying electromagnetic waves with low frequencies to distant locations through an electrical conductor and an antenna.

Thus, Wireless networks are one of the fastest growing technologies in telecommunications market. Hi Thank you so much for your feedback And once again please visit our International website http: Wireless technology is used in a variety of modern device and provides greater mobility.

Zigbee has been developed looking into the needs of the communication of data with a simple structure like the data from the sensors. Read on Kindle Please consider leaving us a review on Amazon if you like it. The evolution of cellular networks is enumerated by generations.


Thanks for helping me a lot. Stations on the ground send and receive data signals to and from the satellite with a frequency ranging from 11 GHz to 14 GHz and with a transmission speed of 1 Mbps to 10 Mbps. A wireless repeater is a wireless networking device that is used to extend the range of a wireless router. I am going to prepare my masters Degree of Telecommunication Engineering.

Wireless communication is one of the important mediums of transmission of data or information to other devices. Get answers from the online tech support now, or contact us by commenting below. Cell phones are connected to hands-free earpieces, wireless keyboard, mouse and mike to laptops with the ffiletype of Bluetooth as it transmits information from one device to other device.

Wireless Communication Technologies Types and Advantages

Another method of transmission of infrared includes the broadcast system — and, in this method, a reflective material or a transmission unit amplifies and retransmits a data signal to several other units. Satellite communication is one of the wireless technologies, which is widely spread all over the world allowing users to stay connected virtually anywhere on the Earth.

ZigBee can be used almost anywhere, as it is easy to implement and requires little power to operate. This also boosts the maximum distance from 31 to 50 miles and supports PMP point to multipoint and mesh technologies.

The information cannot be travelled through obstacles in an infrared system, but can be inhibited by light. Many routers have built-in security features such as firewalls that help protect devices connected to the router against malicious data such as computer viruses.


Skip to main content. WiMax can be termed partially a successor to the Wi-Fi protocol, which is measured in feet, and works, over shorter distances.

Different Types of Wireless Communication Technologies

The devices used for wireless communication are simax telephones, mobiles, GPS units, ZigBee technology, wireless computer parts, and satellite television, etc.

So,that our team will contact you. Cellular and cordless phones are two more examples of devices that make use of wireless signals. Thanks for sharing knowledge I am going to prepare my masters Degree of Telecommunication Engineering.

WiMAX Introduction |

Hi Atul Thank you so much for your feedback And once again please visit our international website http: ZigBee is a wireless communication standard designed to address the unique needs of low-power, low-cost wireless sensor, and control networks. Radio, Mobiles, Internet, etc. Infrared is an electromagnetic energy at a wavelength which is longer than that of the red light. Dimax, a second-generation protocol, allows higher data rates over longer distances, efficient use of bandwidth, and avoids interference almost to a minimum.

Hi Arvind, Yes those are wireless technologies And once again please visit our international website http: Wireless adapters are hardware devices that are installed inside computers which enables wireless connectivity.