Auditor Notes are included in this checklist as an aid to the Auditor and to facilitate a standardized and consistent Audit. Auditor Notes fall into four categories. Operational Safety Audit Program (IOSA) is an in- . The use of the IATA MO checklists is now mandatory; if an MO was performed on an. A practical manual, which might be referred to as a quick reference handbook ( QRH), typically comprises checklists and other selected information and material .

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The intent of this provision is to ensure certain operations under VFR are practicable under anticipated meteorological conditions. MSAs are typically established by the operator through specified methods approved by the State and included in the OM.

The operational positions subject to the specifications of this provision typically include: Such procedures are typically designed to control additional workloads created by using EFB devices or systems and also specify times at which the flight crew should not use them. Such security training shall: Flight crew operational non-compliances, training deficiencies and evaluation trends simulator, aircraft and line operations are typically used by the training organization for trend analysis and program improvement.

The requalification program for such a flight crewmember need not specify the same number of takeoffs and landings as the recency requirements. Flight crew member knowledge, skill and experience requirements are in accordance with FLT 1. Guidance and procedures related hcecklist circling approaches typically address the ios This provision only addresses flight operations functions that are outsourced to external service providers.

The low heights AGL specified in this provision are those altitudes where high descent rates can result in excessive rates of terrain closure. Applicable authorities include those authorities that have jurisdiction over international operations conducted by an operator over the high vhecklist or the territory of a state that is other than the State of the Operator. The intent of this provision is to ensure that a meteorological visibility to RVR conversion is not used for calculating any required approach and landing RVR minimum less than meters, and that for approach and landing operations below meters RVR reporting is required.

IOSA Checklist – Aviation Quality Services

The specifications in item i and iv might require guidance in the OM that addresses the proper use of restraint devices, unless such devices are prohibited by the Authority or their use is impractical due to lack of appropriate crew members.

The intent of this provision is to ensure the flight crew will find all information necessary to perform their functions within the OM, or within another document referenced in the OM, which is identified as a source of operational information approved or accepted for the purpose by the operator or the State.


The intent of this provision is to ensure the operator provides wind component limitations for the phases of flight specified in the body of the provision e. Some of uosa specifications of this provision may be addressed through implementation of a hcecklist policy in accordance with FLT 3.

Distance learning refers to flight crew training or evaluation that is not conducted in a classroom or face-toface with an instructor or evaluator, but rather is conducted through the use of distributed printed material or electronic media e. A Mode C or greater transponder satisfies the specifications of this provision.

A growing number of governments are planning to incorporate IOSA as part of their certification process. Documentation used in the support of flight operations may: The intent of this provision is to ensure an operator provides guidance checkkist the flight crew to address the acceptance or non-acceptance of passengers requiring special attention.

Maneuvers and procedures that cannot be safely accomplished in an aircraft shall include, as a minimum: The specification in item ii ensures the relevant sections of the Checklits are clearly identified as the OM can, in some instances, include sections published for flight operations personnel other than flight crew. Each request is verified and, prior to releasing the report, the auditee airline must provide final approval.

Such guidance shall include, as a minimum, the procedural means by which the crew: For example, an operator could assign responsibility to checklisr PIC for the safety of passengers from the time they board the aircraft until they deplane.

IOSA Checklist – Aviation Quality Services

The determination of variant within type is within the domain of the State as part of flight crew licensing. This does not preclude, however, an OEM or operator from procedurally addressing critical actions in the checklists themselves. Such training and evaluation shall include: The intent of this provision is to checklsit a process is in place to disseminate safety critical information to personnel that require it.

The principal intent of this provision is to ensure the security of the flight deck by equipping aircraft in accordance with the specifications in i and ii. Such schedule would not have to adhere exactly to the specification in item i a of this provision if the level of recent experience is acceptable to the State and applicable authorities, and the PIC or SIC, as applicable, is required to operate the flight controls in order to satisfy recency-of-experience requirements.

The specification in item iii refers to the barometric pressure setting to which altitude is referenced. The intent of the monitoring and control specifications of this provision pertaining to data is to ensure operational data acquired from external suppliers and used for the support of flight operations are current, accurate and complete.


Simulator observations in conjunction with item ii entail an assessment of the individual while carrying out the duties for which highest qualified e. Conformity with FLT 1. Such guidance typically defines the conditions necessary to accept or deny boarding to a passenger.

In some States the individual that fills certain key managerial positions within oisa flight operations ilsa must be nominated and then either accepted or approved by the Authority as specified in ORG 1. The operator is expected to be in compliance with the common language requirements of the State e. The intent of this provision is to ensure the operator has a process or processes to obtain or determine the specified performance data for use by flight crew.

The audits had varying standards with no consistency. This provision requires guidance also be present in documents accessible to licensed maintenance technicians, if the exterior aircraft inspection is delegated in accordance with FLT 3.

For the purposes of route, area and airport qualification, the PIC has a level of knowledge of terrain, minimum safe altitudes, seasonal meteorological conditions, communication and air traffic facilities, services and procedures, search and rescue checklish and navigational facilities and procedures, including any Long-Range Navigation procedures, required for safe operations.

Such suppression systems, including associated extinguishing agents, shall be designed to account for a sudden and extensive fire that could be caused by an explosive or incendiary device, or by dangerous goods. The specification in item iii refers to procedures and information formulated to assist each applicable flight crew member in performing or directly supervising the acceptance of dangerous goods for transport on an aircraft.

The specifications of this provision would typically apply to periodic audits of the training organization and program, whether training checklish conducted by the operator or outsourced to an external service provider. LOS scenarios are as standardized and scripted as possible. IATA handles all requests in a secure and confidential manner on behalf of the auditee airline. An uncontrolled airport is an airport without an operating control tower. The specifications in item ii may require the operator to define escape routes in the OM.