Modifications in the updated Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS) for Community Health Centre (CHC) document. (Major changes have been highlighted in. The IPHS is based on its recommendation. 4. Who will it be applicable to? At present these standards are being applied only to the Community Health Centres . Family Welfare and National Health Programmes – Role of CHCs.. 7 The Community Health Centre (CHC), the third tier of the network of rural health care.

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CHCs – to provide referral health care for cases from the primary level and for cases in need of specialist care.

Natl J Community Med ;1: A proper record of this should be kept. Concept of FRU – 2. These need to be guided by Standard Treatment Protocols.

Each FRU should have the following: Go to Application Have a question?

Indian public health standards (IPHS) for community health centres.

Blood bag refrigerators having a storage capacity of 50 units of blood. Sub-centres in headquarter area 4. The Central Council of Health at its first meeting held in January had recommended the establishment of PHCs in community development blocks to provide comprehensive health care to the rural population.


No specialist doctor was posted at any of CHCs against a sanctioned strength of at least four surgeon, physician, obstetrician, and pediatrician per CHC. Building and Lay out: To maintain an acceptable quality of care for these services.

To achieve and maintain an acceptable standard of quality of care. Adequate quantities of all drugs should be maintained through periodic stock-checking, appropriate record maintenance and inventory methods. The area chosen should have the facility for electricity, all weather road communication, adequate water supply, telephone etc.

cjc Selecting the facilities for FRU. To facilitate monitoring and supervision of these facilities. Availability of services chv facilities at primary health centers in Gujarat. Quality of service should be maintained at all levels. Record of Vital Events Support Services: Eye Specialist services at one for every 5 CHCs. Handling of emergencies like intestinal obstruction, haemorrhage etc. Staff recommended Physical Infrastructure: District Hospitals to Bedded District Health System is the fundamental basis for implementing various health policies, delivery of healthcare and management of health services for defined geographic area.

Politics of rural health in India. This may be applicable only to centers that are to be newly established. Primary Health Centre The Bhore Committee in gave the concept of a PHC as a basic health unit to provide as close to the people as possible, an integrated curative and preventive health care to the rural population with emphasis on preventive and promotive aspects of health care.


Essential drugs; Emergency drugs; Programme specific drugs Investigations: Under the RCH Programme funds were provided for civil works — to operationalisation of operation theatre, labour rooms and provision of regular water supply etc.

Indian public health standards (IPHS) for community health centres.

Outpatient department services and referral services were provided in all the centers studied. Service Delivery in CHCs: Maintenance of proper sanitation in Toilets and Public utilities- Sufficient funding for this purpose; or may be outsourced. Back-up generator is required.

Health manpower shortage is the key bottleneck in service delivery. Operation Theatre Labour Room 3. As per National guidelines applicable to 30 bed CHCs or may be outsourced to agencies trained in this.