ITR – V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. AY B1. COMPUTATION OF ITR No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 for assessment year , having the following particulars. 9. ITR-4, ITR-5, ITR-6 & ITR-8 transmitted electronically without digital signature. ITR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Form for by Vishal Vijay Gupta and Co. ITR V ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AY 12 IN EXCEL FORMAT please tell me what is procedure for formation of “provident fund TRUST”.

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Can revised return be filled twice? I have filled ITR-1 online but there were some data missing and I submitted it.

Download Income Tax return forms for Assessment Year – News18

I paid my interest tax through challan whereas it should have been done using challan During this period I was a salaried Employee in India. The tax payable is of interest from bank. E-verify the revised one. My previous employer deducted TDS but my current employer did not.

O is unable to resolve my problem.

He made a mistake and now I need to refile it. I have filled my IT return for 6 months and paid tax also.

If I have to file a revised return, can i file it now itself or there are any dependencies on the I-T department? Prakash-Better to revise and pay the dues.


For example, for financial year assessment year will be I do trading in derivatives. My own thinking is that this curent year, my income shall be about Rs.


So again in september i filed a revised return mentioning a new account number. The message that u got is a warning. Ram-Reply them with your error if possible find your eligibility for revise then go ahead accordingly. Using the link of paying the tax online. I am yet to post my acknowleedgement return. Dear sir, I have already applied TDS and got amount for now again got intimation for same and the amont also increased.

I was studying pg during Sir, I have worked in two different companies for the last financial year. The income on acccount of arrears pertains to the last ten years, so, if it can be adjusted in the respective ackknowledgement, then, I feel there might be need for revised Return.

As you know the due date of filing ITR for financial year is already ended but someone told me that I can still file the ITR for this year. Pls help me on this. I had filed my return online with the status as tax payable and then paid my taxes online before the due date. How can I claim hra in itr 1. I am really acnkowledgement because of these mistakes and complications. Should i sign both and send both ITR V in same envelop?

But I already mistakenly paid more than the require amount when I filed the assessment for yr and also I forgot to send the acknowledgement copy. Now I want to fill my anther 6 month IT Return. If Rectification request is rejected then can someone file revised return?


I respond for what. Later realised that I have missed to update the housing loan details due to which my status changed to Tax payable.

If you not file the income tax return then you are liable for penalty under different sections fo IT Act. Please let me know how could I proceed further. Correct form required was ITR 4 which I came to know a week back just before I was about to file my tax. acknowledgsment

Due Date for filing of ITR-V for AY 2012-13 and 2013-14 extended to 31.03.2014

No need to worry. Can you please help and guide me? I see my Acknowledgment only provides a pdf copy of my return. Yes, you can do that. Virender-1 First respond it then get the claim. So is it ok to go for revised submission? Can I cancel my acknowlledgement return? There is no change in values to be entered.