by. Jáchym Topol, . Sestra je bez diskuzí román, ke kterému se člověk musí pročíst a především prožít. .. Sestra je totiž kniha, kterou chci mít po ruce pořád. jachym topol sestra. 2 likes. Book. jachym topol sestra. Privacy · Terms. About. jachym topol sestra. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page?. Jáchym Topol () is often referred to as true modern European classic. when he made a devastating entrance with his first novel Sestra (City Sister Sliver).

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The amount of ” It would seem City Sister Silver —written during the Velvet Revolution, when Stalinism became Capitalism—aims for a panoramic sweep of postwar East European history, using fantastical and improvisatory techniques to capture the mood of a generation.

City Sister Silver by Jáchym Topol Jachym Topol, translated by Alex Zucker Sestra

I have no idea what I just read, and I absolutely do not understand how this ended up on Boxall’s list. He has managed to preserve the speed of the narrative and kept the translation faithful to the original’s eccentricity and modernity.

However, Catbird Press has chosen to translate the title as City Sister Silver and exchange the cover artwork for a swirling repetition of the words “city,” “sister” and “silver.

There’s no attempt at getting any empathy going and I think that’s a decision by the author to go that way so what is the point? Underneath all of the cynicism, savagery, and rapaciousness, the chaos of gruesome scenes and macho talk, one senses something else, perhaps futile these days, but for which it is worth striving even with the awareness that it is a losing battle: It is a novel for readers who want an unforgettable reading experience.

Jáchym Topol – Wikipedia

The blending of formal and conversational language in English has become commonplace in our literature as the boundaries between the jachy and “low” have long since merged. Not only that but there are punsdouble entendres and neologisms but these are lost in translation, despite the fact that the translator does a good job of explaining certain terms.


Jak To rated it it was amazing May 01, Vol 3, No 4 29 January Sam Vaknin After the Rain. I can tell its a good book Lists with This Book. And translation-wise, the American gangspeak often clunks beside the Czech names and references.

Normal punctuation would have been nice too. Topol was one of the first of these young Czechs he was in his very early thirties when he wrote Sestra to address his generation’s attitude toward the new times, and he was the only one to do so in such a creative and epic manner.

Jáchym Topol

The prose often reads like poetry. As I was reading and I found the book to be compulsively readable, even in the midst of dream sequences that were hard to comprehendit was easy to let the words wash over me without having to work at the story.

It’s possible it’s a book you need to read twice to understand. The most notable scene occurs when Potok and his cronies find themselves in Auschwitz sifting through the bones of the murdered. However the amount of slang and loss sentences drove me crazy. Refresh and try again. Potok may not be the most reliable narrator, but he is sympathetic, a romantic, a drinker, and jahcym to identify with in his ongoing quest for love and a soulmate.

It’s interesting that another reviewer way more versed in literature than I am says that the final pages of the page tome are an endurance test, yet still gives it 5 stars. In its length and weighty content, Sestra tore away from the artistic pack and saw critics scrambling to make sense of it. The novel is full of storytelling, myths, dreams and nightmares, shifting through a variety of genres.

The author works with elements of both archaic and modern myths, plus ancient symbols, the established themes of the thriller, the comedy, and the horror, and also erotic literature and boys’ adventure books. After the first few pages of the novel, when he’s aware of the Germans being shipped off, the dreams are really the only hint that any of the characters have any kind of social conscience, but the trip they take to Auschwitz in one of these sesrta is painfully done and heavy handed.


Feb 17, Angela rated it liked it. The narrative not only blurs the line between the registers of speech but also introduces neologisms and entire sentences in other languages, such as Russian and German, which have a particular resonance to the Czech ear but can scarcely be understood by the English one. Except he searches for meaning by running dodgy trades with the Far East, drinking too much, taking a truck load of hallucinogens, and then talking to his friends about the ridiculous dreams he has.

Its density and chaos have been taken by its sympathizers to reflect the social reality of the period immediately following the Velvet Revolution, with its fluctuations and free-market euphoria, ultimately leading to disillusionment and corruption.

City Sister Silver

He was also a signatory of the Charter 77 human rights declaration. Always surprising and fast-paced, City, Sister, Silver is at once satirical and romantic, wild and controlled. Sometimes when I hate a book enough, I do have something to say about it though. In the end, I was very glad to put this one down. It’s not quick or easy, but it was worth reading.

Since Sestra is written mostly in a colloquial register of Czech and employs slang frequently, Zucker has countered this by transliterating English colloquial speech.