Jack SPICER / Lisa SAMMARCO. Page 3. 3. Da: Jack Spicer, After Lorca aforethought I must admit) by sending Mr. Spicer several poems written after my. Jack Spicer’s After Lorca: translation as decomposition. ‘s theories of translation, as seen in After Lorca, and his conception of the ‘serial poem’, as described in. , Jack Spicer Born Los Angeles Disbandment of the Berkeley Writers Conference, through which Spicer, , After Lorca – SF: White Rabbit Press.

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No one rides by on a bicycle. Billy The Kid – SF: I will go home, drunken and mack, and sleep – and my dreams will be prose.

The Black Mountain Review founded. More often he takes one of my poems and adjoins to half of it another half of his own, giving rather the effect of an unwilling centaur. Richard Nixon resigns as President of the United States. Spicer was born in Los Angeles, where he later graduated from Fairfax High School inand attended the University of Redlands from Robin Blaser returns to San Francisco.

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If I get through the rest of the collected poems Vocabularly I’ll delete this review and incorporate it into a review of that book.

After Lorca

President Truman issues Executive Orderto investigate “infiltration of disloyal persons” into the U. Classical, Early, and Medieval World History: It means telling the same story, writing the same poem, gaining and losing something with each transformation – but, of course, never really losing anything.

His eyes which are like the bottom of a vase. An American girl with eyes of celluloid comes through the grass. The bicycle has a single dimension.

Spicer seems to derive pleasure in inserting or substituting one or two words which completely change the mood and often the meaning of the poem as I had written it.

Dear Lorca, These letters are to be as temporary as our poetry is to be permanent. I also read through the first section of that book which is a number of spjcer he referred to as “one night stands,” i.

When I was a child I was put in hail for not giving information to the police. Books by Jack Spicer. I don’t understand what anybody is talking about. Ezra Pound released from St.

Poetics of the New American Poetryed. A gramophone plays a thousand versions of the same song – “In Philadelphia they have no nightingales”.


Jacket # 7 – A Spicer Chronology

It would take a crocodile to wear them. Erik Marika-Rich rated it it was amazing Aug 02, Even the subconscious is not patient enough for poetry.

Customs; City Lights Books acquitted of obscenity charges. I can’t believe it’s taken me as long as 4 years to pick up a book by Jack Spicer, a poet I discovered a few years ago. Kennedy assassinated, 22 November. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Nack as Delocalization Chapter: The House that Jack Built: The three, who were all gay, also educated younger poets in their circle about their “queer genealogy”, Rimbaud, Lorca, and other gay writers. Translation as Delocalization Chapter 7 Homecomings: One of William Carlos Williams’ Paterson.

He has to be one of the most important American poets of the 20th Century, hands down. MC Hammer rated it it was amazing May 29,