Karma Nirvana was founded in by the survivor, activist and author, Jasvinder Sanghera CBE who escaped a forced marriage by running away from home. The latest Tweets from Jas Sanghera CBE (@Jas_Sanghera_KN). Lib Dem chief whip and apologised for saying the timing of Jasvinder Sanghera’s complaint. A campaigner against forced marriage says she was promised a peerage if she slept with a senior member of the House of Lords. Jasvinder.

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J asvinder Sanghera still remembers leaving her dad the note 35 years ago. He worked nights, and while he was asleep one day she wrote to him, saying: I hid in the footwell all the way from Derby to Newcastle because I was so scared we would sznghera intercepted.

Lord Lester harassment accuser urges others to speak out | Politics | The Guardian

For the next few nights they slept in the car and on park benches. Someone had to opt out, however hard it was; and that someone was me. Her parents are sangnera dead, and her sister Robina killed herself after she was told that leaving her husband would be too shameful; but five sisters and a jssvinder still live in the UK — and none of them, or any of her nieces and nephews, are in touch with her.


Jasvinder was 14 when her mother first sat her down at the family home in Derby and showed her a photograph of a man in his 20s who, she was told, she had been promised to when she was just eight.

Her three elder sisters had already been married to men chosen for them by their parents.

Forced marriage: ‘I broke the chain. I’m proud of that’ | Life and style | The Guardian

My sister Robina had been married two years before me. I knew my turn was coming. Her turn — but she was determined not to take it.

My parents took me out of school and locked me in my bedroom. They were wonderfully supportive to us.

But when we were with them I jasvindder miss my family terribly. Robina came to visit when Natasha was born, and managed to persuade their mother to go, too.

But my mum hurt me so much — she barely looked at the baby. And sometimes people make the break, but later they go back because they do find it too hard. What I tell them is: But Natasha and Anup had a big fat Asian wedding, with guests in a Sikh temple.


Jasvinder Sanghera

That terrified me, because in Indian tradition there was a role for my family at the wedding, and no one to play those parts. But all the same, as Anna walks down the aisle next year, Jasvinder sanghega know in her heart why things had to be as they did. I broke the chain: The Karma Nirvana helpline is on Parents and parenting Forced marriage Women Gender interviews.