The student will become familiar with the basic Java and OO terminology, as well as Java – začínáme programovat: podrobný průvodce začínajícího uživatele. gain the basic knowledge of object oriented programming in Java; become Java – začínáme programovat: podrobný průvodce začínajícího uživatele. Praha: . Java – language, objects, classes, programming techniques, libraries, T. Pitner: Java – začínáme programovat, Grada Publishing, , ISBN

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PB Java – Course Information. Recommended Type of Completion: Other types of completion: Rastislav Mirek seminar tutor Mgr. Michal Oprendek seminar tutor Mgr.

Course syllabus _BDP – Programming (FME – WS /)

Course Enrolment Limitations The course is also offered to the students of the fields other than those the course is directly associated with. Fields of study the course is directly associated with there are 25 fields of study the course is directly associated with, display Course objectives At the end of the course students should: Syllabus Introduction to Java – principles, history.


Java development lifecycle, basic development tools. Basic concepts and terminology of object-oriented programming – class, instance objectvariable, method.

Cooperation and communication among objects. Basic programmer’s conventions – coding style, naming, documentary comment, API documentation. Unit testing with junit.

Architecture of Java programs – methods, classes, packages. Primitive datatypes, object types and arrays. Built-in exceptions, design of custom exceptions.

Edited by Pavel Herout. The algorithmic optimality together with coding style and documentation will be taken into evaluation.

Java Programming Language

Another 12 point can be obtained on practical lessons. Listed among pre-requisites of other courses IB Foundations of Programming! Other applications Course Catalogue Information System.