JeppView, JeppView FliteDeck, JeppView MFD. Jeppesen’s flight procedure charts simply depict in a graphic form convenient for the use of. JeppView contains all the same information as the Airway Manual coverages providing you with electronic terminal approach charts, arrival and departure. Jeppesen JeppView Electronic Charts, Garmin Avionics NavData Updates, Avidyne NavData, and traditional paper charts from Jeppesen.

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Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck 3. New functions introduced in 3. Introduced into our operation 4 years ago. Slowdowns observed if multiple apps are left running in the background. I really want this app chzrts work and be great, but unfortunately it isn’t.

Slow isn’t even a good word I don’t want to say this, but I’m just about ready to abandon this app and jepp charts in the process. It’s a matter of how much pain you want to accept.

If there is one app that I need jeppvifw run smoothly without crashing, this is it. The one app that I have that crashes and freezes is this one. How has this app been approved? It’s dangerous when I am flying an approach and the program crashes and won’t reopen. This needs to be fixed ASAP. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck 3. November 21, This release corrects an issue with the enroute themes not showing as expected.

JeppView Electronic Charting

November 7, Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck 2. You no longer need to switch first between the Terminal Charts View and the Enroute View before you interact with the information you need most. The integrated design of the control bar provides you with direct access to your terminal charts for the active flight, as well as identifies the enroute theme that will display when you switch to the enroute map by tapping the button. The refreshed design also includes a new location of the Present Position jeppvview which is now on the enroute map itself.

As jepppview, tapping the Present Position button re-centers the map over your aircraft position charhs you have panned away. Under certain circumstances, Mobile FD 2. To help improve performance, the following modifications were made: Upon switching themes the issue will clear. This limitation only occurs upon neppview launch of the updated application. There is a known issue that could cause the app to appear unresponsive after upgrading from a previous release or while updating data.

A patch will be released soon to address this issue. If you are experiencing this behavior after waiting enough time to complete an update, force-quitting and restarting will clear it up.

We apologize for the inconvenience. In addition to various stability improvements this release resolves the following issues. If you never updated to FliteDeck 2. The time necessary to download and perform the enroute data update depends on the speed of the Internet connection and the size of your coverage area. Ensure that you have jeppbiew necessary time and bandwidth to complete the update before you begin the jeppvjew procedure. All of the information needed including obstacle departure procedures are all organized in one place where you need it and when you need it.


Only Jeppesen has night mode for both en-route charts and all plates.

No other app has that. Jeppesen add value by representing on a single chart features of both IFR and VFR charts where they can add or remove features from a single chart view. Others only have imagery of specific chart types. Special considerations are associated with updating from Mobile FliteDeck version 2. The update process meppview that you redownload enroute and cultural data, as well as any selected manuals. Fixes and adjustments in support of iOS 8.

Bug fixes, flexible multi-vendor registration, performance improvements, customer requested enhancements. Fixed an issue dealing with mid-cycle terminal charts where the current chart was not available, and the application was only displaying the future effective chart.

Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck is highly recommended for iPad 2 and later. If you are using iPad 1 with this application, it is highly recommended that the terrain data layer be turned off charte the application filters for optimal use.

In previous versions, worldwide terrain and cultural data were bundled with the application increasing the size of the initial download to MB. Now, there is only a small subset available in the initial download to support the DEMO jeppfiew.

Worldwide terrain and cultural data will be downloaded initially and when an update is available when checking for Updates. The Cancel button allows you to cancel your download if you think the update will take too long for your current availability. You will then be able to continue using the data that is already installed. The Cancel button will only be available if you are updating already existing data. The Cancel button will not be available if this is the first time downloading the data an initial downloadif required data jeppviiew missing from the app, or if you are in the unpacking stage of the install process.

The expired chart will still be available for viewing up to 24 hours after it is expired. An alert sash will display on the terminal chart if you are viewing a chart that is not effective. An alert sash will display on the enroute chart if you are viewing an enroute database that is not effective. Zoom level is persistent between sessions.

JeppView | Jeppesen

Chart zoom levels are now persisted within a session and when the app is force quit. Their state is maintained along with the rotation and highlighting information. It resets to the default zoom level when the chart changes from a Terminal Chart update.

Terminal Chart Categories were updated to match those of customer feedback. In the weather pop-up, there are selection buttons available allowing you to choose the types of weather you want to download. Please do not download right before a flight until you have had proper time to review the changes and new workflow.


Performance of weather is reduced on iPad 1. Application is recommended for iPad 2 and later. The application received a face-lift in response to customer feedback, and making room for new capabilities, such as weather. You are urged to spend some time with the new framework before flying.

Total flight distance is seen in the route drawer when a route is created.

A true night theme was added to reduce the brightness of your screen. The setting is accessible on the brightness control.

From the airport properties on the enroute chart, a selection was added to view the airport chart immediately without having to do a search on the terminal charts view. A toolbar was added to the terminal charts view allowing you to jppview the viewed terminal chart by 90 jeppvisw. The rotated chart will stay rotated through a force quit and restart. A highlight capability was added to the terminal charts view. Highlights are saved until an update is downloaded that changes the chart in some manner.

Highlights are supported in Night Mode. Highlights are rotated with the chart. In order for this feature to work, you need the following hardware: We have lots of plans for next year to improve upon the features and functionality of Jeppesen FD. We are also researching additional weather providers to help make our application a more robust system.

Some other capabilities include: Route planning with rubber-banding functionality. With the launch of Mobile FliteDeck v1. Ability to add user waypoints. Users can tap anywhere on the enroute map and elect to add that area as a waypoint, which makes route planning quick and simple for pilots. Printing capability for terminal charts. Print only the charts needed directly from Mobile FliteDeck, which allows customers to reduce the amount of paper in the cockpit.

New symbols for GPS connectivity. The user has the ability to route direct to any location or Nav Aid on the chart. BA customers subscribing to Document Management Services now have the ability to leverage Jeppesen’s cloud-based distribution system to push their operations manuals to the iPad.

If your Jeppgiew List is incomplete or you see jumbled letters in place of the airports, please Force Quit JeppFD and restart the application. Jeppvoew recommended while data updates are being done to refrain from multi tasking. Corrected issue with recognition of nav aids in route drawer. Corrected search result issue. Added global setting to enable terminal chart swipe feature. Oct 11, Version 3.

JeppView Electronic IFR Charts

Compatibility Requires iOS Location This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease battery life. Jwppview Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. FltPlan Go for iPhone.