A total departure from previous writing about television, this book is the first ever to advocate that the medium is not reformable. Its problems are inhere. Four Arguments for Eliminating Television. By Jerry Mander – Former Advertising Executive1. Synopsis and Comments by William H. Gross – Colorado Springs. This article presents a summary of the book titled “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television,” by Jerry Mander. Mr. Mander holds BS and MS degrees in.

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Argumfnts read this many years ago and need to do so again. Because of television we believe we know more, but we actually know less.

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

Feliks I’m going to guess that the name is a pseudonym, not even his real name to begin with. In winning rights or money or power, the diverse elements in American culture lose their unique identity, their cultural roots.

The author is a former PR man who spent 15 yrs in one of the top advertising agencies in the land. I certainly cannot answer that question. The people who nander television become more like each other, the Indian who learns television is an Indian no longer. And don’t let the publication date deter you from reading it.

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Rogers is gone, but the challenge remains to help kids slow down, learn to focus and build their attention spans. This begins to explain Attention Deficit Disorder and the drastically declining skills in written and verbal articulation that are becoming so rampant now in society.


For proof, you have only to watch the occasional black cultural program on Sunday morning television. This last question always filled me with the most uncomfortable feeling. The author points out that what we see, hear, touch, taste, smell, feel and understand about the world has been processed for us.

After reading this book I am bound and determined to never watch it again. Heavy viewers of television were more likely to overestimate the percentage of the world population that lives in America; they seriously overestimated the percentage of the population who have professional jobs; and they drastically overestimated the number of police in the U. Meanwhile, those who control television consolidate their power. I would have given the book more than eliminaton s I read this many years ago and need to tor so again.

Yet how is a child to understand that? Bahkan, melihatkan latar belakang penulis, saya kira televisuon beliau bagi buku ini berkemungkinan berasaskan bias ‘balas dendam’; setelah beliau ditendang keluar dari industri pengiklanan dan tv! No single issue gets advertisers screaming louder than this one.

Thr matter who is in control, the medium remains confined to its cold, narrow culverts of hyperactive information. How to achieve the elimination of television? How did you feel at the end of his speech? Well, it’s a point, I suppose.

Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television: Conclusion

Mander is at his best when he is talking about televisions effect on thinking, perception, and limitations as a medium. Test yourself on this point if you like. What makes this such a difficult notion? Seems like the kind of book that will only really attract people who already agree with the author or who have attached their ego to not watching television, even then Ive met people who were sympathetic to the message and even they thought the book was pretty weak, hence why Neil Postman of all people heavily criticized both the book and Jerry Mander himself after its release.


Folk wisdom suits Mander’s needs here, not just because of the absence of much else, but possibly because credible study would quell his panic. I share a contempt for advertising, but it’s also steered me from ad-laden print media, Kindles for their “idle” screens, and Top 40 radio. Levine, Richard M 1 May It was striking to see just how much human culture has shifted over the last few generations from one of openness and connectivity to the natural world to one where a daily connection with nature is made nearly impossible, and where most of our experiences are constructed and architected.

If there were no concretely true information, there could have been no sane functioning; the species could not have survived. You also accept that the system will be used by the sorts of people who like to influence people and are good at it.

Nation, 15— As radical and odd that is to say ideological and logical rather than religious or “real-world” a thinker as I’ve always been, despite my Ph.

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

And now after reading it and pondering the content — a change is coming! There mandr good guys and bad guys. He has a long, investigative chapter about it. But even now, several years later, I can recall the images of the police assault.

They enter our brains.