JIS G Carbon Steel Pipes for Ordinary Piping specifies the carbon steel pipe , hereinafter referred to as the “pipes”, used for the pipings for conveying steam. 19 – 25 up to wall thickness. White. JIS G Nominal Size. Outside Diameter. Thickness. Weight (plain end) mm mm inch. STD. Tolerances mm kg/m . NOTES: (NI) – When the tensile test is carried out on No. 12 or No. 15 test piece for the pipe under 8mm in wall thickness the minimum value of elongation shall.

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With recent advances in industrial development, demands have grown for gas pipes, special alloy tubing, high-pressure plumbing, and structural tubing.

We have set up three warehouses in the Tokyo area to ensure quick delivery and to supply tubing when secondary processing is requested. Tohsei, a metal coordinator, responds to individual customer specification needs.


Steel pipes for piping. Steel tubes for structural purposes. Steel tubes for heat transfer.

Arc welded carbon steel pipes STPY. Polyethylene coated steel pipes P.

Alloy steel pipes STPA. Galvanized steel pipes for ordinary piping SGPW. Carbon steel pipes for ordinary piping SGP.

Carbon steel pipes for pressure service STPG. Carbon steel pipes for high pressure service STS. Carbon steel pipes for high temperature service STPT.

Pipe Dimension | REX INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.

Steel pipes for low temperature service STPL. Carbon steel tubes for machine structural purposes STKM. Carbon steel tubes for general structural purposes STK.

Carbon steel tubes for cylinder barrels STC. Wide variety of unusual tubes and roll-forming items.

JIS G3452 Carbon Steel Pipe for Ordinary Piping

Carbon steel square and rectangular tubes for general structure STKR. Carbon steel boiler and heat exchanger tubes STB.

Alloy steel boiler and heat exchanger tubes STBA. Steel heat exchanger tubes for low temperature service STBL.